5 Factors That Have a Direct Impact on Car Loan Rates

Factors That Have a Direct Impact on Car Loan Rates

Car buyers quickly discover interest rates vary greatly depending on the lender and the buyer’s credit history. Every buyer comes with a unique financial profile lenders consider when offering a loan. However, the factors used by lenders to determine the interest rate typically remain the same. The following five factors directly impact car loan rates.

Credit Score

Individuals with a high credit score receive the lowest auto loan rates utah.  Most lenders prefer a score of at least 700 using the Fico scale. However, people with a credit score of 500 may be approved, although the interest rates will be higher for these individuals. When it comes to auto loans, lenders look more at a person’s income and their ability to repay the loan than they do credit scores because transportation is a necessity.

Income Requirements

When a person thinks of income requirements for an auto loan, they often assume they must make a certain amount each month to qualify. Lenders actually look at a few things when it comes to a person’s income. First, they look at whether the person has a part-time job or a full-time position. Individuals with full-time positions will find it easier to qualify for a car loan. Self-employed individuals may have a harder time securing a loan, particularly if they are a freelancer rather than a business owner. Their income may not be as consistent.

Down Payment

Some people have a cash down payment. Other drivers choose to trade their existing car in when getting a new vehicle, and certain individuals have a cash payment and a trade-in. Any money put toward the purchase of a new car will help to bring the loan amount down. In addition, it will show the lender that the buyer is serious about the sale. A lower loan amount means the lender is taking on less risk, so they look at the borrower more favorably. Try to walk in the door with a decent down payment or trade-in to save on the auto loan.

Loan Terms

The longer the loan term, the lower the interest rate will typically be. However, borrowers need to keep one thing in mind when they choose a longer loan term. They will actually pay more in interest over the length of the loan when choosing this option.

Most lenders today will allow a person to finance a car for anywhere from 36 months to 72 months. Higher installment payments mean shorter loan terms and less interest paid over the life of the loan. The borrower makes lower payments with a long-term loan, so they are willing to spread payments over a  longer period.

Get Preapproved

One thing a car buyer might wish to do is get preapproved for a loan. Shopping around for a loan helps to ensure the best deal is obtained, and a preapproval does not affect the person’s credit score. It is a soft check that won’t appear on their credit report. The person gains a better understanding of how much they qualify for when buying the car. They can also learn which lender offers the best interest rate.

The best option involves paying cash for a new car. However, few people can afford to do so. Understanding the factors that directly impact car loan rates helps buyers find the best deal for their needs. Use this information to get an amazing deal on a car loan today.

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