Historical reenactments allow you to step into a specific moment in the past while discovering a new part of yourself. Imagine a simpler life as a fur trader, or test your skills in a heart-racing jousting match. These reenactment opportunities are boundless, whether you’re hoping to attend historical battle simulations or renaissance festivals.

For those newcomers getting their start in the reenactment world, you may not know that the largest reenactment ever held was an emulation of the Battle of Gettysburg. Over 30,000 people participated, and many more thousands watched in awe. For history buffs and thrill-seekers alike, historical reenactment can quench that insatiable thirst for adventure.

With enough research and passion, anyone can become a reenactor. Once you’ve determined which time-period calls to you the most, reach out to a reenactment group that specializes in a given historical period. Reenactment societies are active all over the world, and a quick Google search can connect you with reenactment enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Choosing a persona is perhaps the most exciting part of becoming a reenactor. For those reenactors testing the waters, you can base your persona on a prominent figure who existed in Colonial America or a fictional character you bring to life.

Whatever you decide, channel the person you’ve secretly always wanted to be, and imagine how they would live or act during your chosen historical period. Finally, it’s time to assemble your kit or a collection of historically accurate clothing and equipment. Whether you’ve decided to be a soldier, a pirate, or a damsel in distress, your persona is incarnated through historical-period-specific accessories. Some reenactors include antiquated weapons or uniforms in their kit, while others place importance on authentic jewelry and wigs.

Whether you are just dipping your toes into the reenactment realm, or you are an experienced history fanatic, check out these five hidden gems selling historically-accurate clothing.

Samson Historical

If you long to live life on the prairie or experience the thrill of fighting off imperial rulers, you’ll likely choose to reenact the colonial period. Specializing in colonial clothing and wares, Samson Historical offers quality items made from period-correct material.

This shop is ideal for those who are embarking on a days-long battle reenactment. Wood lanterns and canvas buckets ensure you camp comfortably and accurately. Their cooking line includes products ranging from authentic toasters to hand-carved cutlery to antique cooking pots—which might quickly replace their modern counterparts. Between handmade leather shoes and authentic personal care products, Samson Historical truly has it all.

Lavender’s Green Historical Clothing

Customized handmade clothing sets the professional reenactors apart from the amateurs. Lavender’s Green creates authentic clothing and accessories in a range of vintage styles. With a profoundly comprehensive catalog at your disposal, you can customize your historically-accurate clothing in color and material. Whether you’ve chosen a Victorian gown or an Old West ensemble, this retailer bases every product on extensive research and genuine appreciation for the era.

Revival Clothing

Before you join the Knights of the Round Table, you’ll need to acquire historically-accurate medieval clothing. Well known in the Renaissance community, Revival Clothing makes affordable and functional apparel built to withstand even the most scorching of battles. Each garment is meticulously designed to flatter every body type while preserving historical significance. When browsing their wide range of boots, headgear, jewelry, and more, you’re bound to find the perfect piece balancing beauty with authenticity.


This historical retailer has been making reenactment apparel since the 1980s. Recollections makes women’s clothing primarily, with product lines consisting of delicate parasols to ornate gowns made with painstaking brilliance.

Each garment is designed by the owner and handmade by skilled seamstresses. The shop features a vast range of historical periods, including the roaring ’20s, the Victorian era, and the Revolutionary war. You can also shop by movie and TV inspiration, making it easier to personify a specific fictional character.

Historical Emporium

Historical Emporium boasts an extensive inventory comprising a wide range of one-of-a-kind products inspired by authentic styles and fabrics. While the retailer offers clothing from multiple periods, they specialize in Victorian, Old West, and steampunk ensembles. Those reenactors with a generous budget can customize each piece to fit their specific measurements and aesthetic desires. Some outfits could serve as impressive Halloween costumes while maintaining their value as reenactment masterpieces.

Parting thoughts

Historical reenactments keep the spirit of the past vibrant and enduring. For those individuals who long to experience an ancient time, reenactment allows them to become a hero of history. Curating an authentic reenactment kit is the first step to establishing a persona, and collecting extraordinary items will become a thrilling hobby. Whether you long to answer the call of Robin Hood or defend your homeland in an intense battle, these five retailers will outfit you to perfection.

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