Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been running one for quite a few years now, you can actually grow your company even faster and better when you consider outsourcing your accounting needs to a well-known and reputable CPA firm in your area. Doing so will free up your time and allow you to focus more on the aspects of your business that you’re the expert at.

If you’re currently based in Boston and you’re looking at your options for excellent CPA firms, here are five of the highly-commended CPA companies in your area.

1. Tristan CPA

Tristan CPA is located at Dorchester Avenue and presents its accounting services very clearly on its website https://tristancpa.com/.  As a tech-savvy and highly professional firm, it specializes in working with owners of small businesses. Tristan CPA would be perfect for your needs, especially if you’re a startup company.

One of its most popular services is to run a QuickBooks Review for your business. This is Tristan CPA’s solution to helping your company maximize its use of the QuickBooks software. This software is very valuable to small businesses as it can store and organize data essential to a company’s accounting needs, such as its daily sales and expenses, customer invoices, and bill payments.

As a startup, you may already be utilizing QuickBooks. Offering reasonable and fixed rates, Tristan CPA can work with you to assess how you’re currently using the software and how you can improve on its use for the growth of your business. Moreover, Tristan CPA offers accounting, payroll, and tax services – all designed to make life easier for you as the business owner.


CBIZ is located at Boylston Street in Boston and has 100 offices all over the US. As an experienced CPA firm, it can cater to the accounting needs of small businesses and large corporations.

The firm’s approach is to meet with clients and create an assessment of the clients’ needs in the areas of accounting, payroll, and taxes. Then, CBIZ will offer you a business plan to achieve your goals and overcome your company’s challenges.

Moreover, you may want to explore CBIZ if you’re interested in benefiting from sound advice that its employee benefits specialists can offer you and your employees. CBIZ likewise offers the expertise of retirement plan service providers that can help you put together cost-efficient and yet highly attractive retirement packages for your loyal employees.

3. GAGNONtax

GAGNONtax is located at Congress Street. Having been in existence for 17 years already, this CPA firm specializes in taking care of your taxation needs. With their Tax Strategy services, GAGNONtax can work closely with your company to review your past tax filings and advise you regarding the opportunities for possible tax recoveries. The firm likewise takes care of each step of the tax recovery process and ensures that you get your money.  

Additionally, GAGNONtax offers its business tax planning services to help your company strategize for the future. The firm can guide you in how to effectively manage your taxes, especially if there will be significant changes in your company or if you’re experiencing new scenarios in your business operations.


AAFCPAs Boston is located at Federal Street. Founded in 1973, AAFCPAs offers a wide variety of services in audit and assurance, CPA advisory, and tax planning and compliance.

AAFCPA’s audit and assurance team can work with your company on your audit process and guide you in coming up with well-informed business decisions. The firm can conduct financial statement audits, single audits, and program-specific audits. 

Its CPA advisory services can support your growing business with their financial forecasts and projections, which can give you valuable insights into how you can achieve your business financial targets. AAFCPAs can likewise offer IT advisory services that can enhance your company’s IT systems.

The firm’s tax planning and compliance department can aid your company with your various taxation requirements. AAFCPAs can provide you with proactive tax strategies to help you maximize your funds.

5. Wolf & Company, P.C.

Wolf & Company is located at High Street in Boston. This CPA firm has been in existence since 1911. With over 100 years of experience in accounting services, Wolf & Company can assist your company with your audit, tax, and enterprise risk management concerns.

Its audit department can take care of your business’ financial statement audits and reviews and conduct audits of your employee benefit plan. It can likewise handle your SEC reporting.

Wolf & Company has its own team of tax accountants to handle your concerns in this area. Moreover, the firm is an expert in the field of enterprise risk management. It can assist in auditing and improving your current technology and database security.


Critical to improving and expanding your business is finding a good CPA firm to handle your varied needs in the areas of accounting, taxation, and even employee benefits. A highly acclaimed firm can give you sound advice as to the direction your company ought to take and enhance the varied systems your business already has. Working with the best CPA firm in your area in Boston can help you achieve your organization’s financial goals.

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