5 Ideal Lockets for Women in 2020


People have different tastes in jewelry, but lockets are a fashion accessory that never gets old. There are several thousands of jewelry shops online now and each one would have something amazing for you. When you decide to shop for lockets, you need to consider many different things. Like the taste of the person that you want to gift it to, her favorite color, and what makes your locket gift special. Here are some tips and recommendations that would help you decide which ideal locket to send.

Understand Why Lockets are Special

A locket has a pendant worn around the neck with a chain. Nowadays, people also wear pendants in bracelets like a charm. Lockets usually have hinges and when they open, there is a secret space where one can put personal items, like a lock of hair, photos, or tiny scribbles of romantic notes. Lockets have been one of the best gifts for lovers, close friends, and family members.

Let us look at the history of lockets briefly. Vintage lockets have been around for too long, and we cannot trace their origins. However, they have evolved over the years. Now we have amulets, talismans, and lockets with perfumes, medicines, and even digital lockets with smart technology. People began adding drawings and paintings of loved ones in the lockets as keepsakes. In the Victorian era, we see all kinds of pendant jewelry recycled. Even high profile celebrities wear them.

Who Can Wear a Locket?

Anyone can wear a locket; they are for everyone. They are unisex jewelry and can be personalized. Conventional lockets have a very feminine appearance. They have colorful gemstones, heart shapes, romantic motifs, and elaborate designs. However, some lockets are quite masculine in taste. These are mostly sterling silver and gold plated ones, with symbols and maps etched into them.

5 Recommended Locket Ideas for Women in 2020

#1: Smart Lockets by Evermee

These are the latest and quickly trending lockets. They are smart because they work with inbuilt technology. You can download the Evermee app and send photos to the locket of your loved one. They can simply scan their pendant on the screen of their mobile device and see the memory you sent in the form of photography. This can be the best gift and you can make your loved one’s days special.

These are made of pure gold, silver, and come in a variety of four shapes:

  • Full Moon Silver
  • Full Moon Gold Vermeil
  • Half Moon Silver
  • Half Moon Gold Vermeil

As for those in which you want gemstones added, you can choose from the following options.

  • Black Pearl
  • Blue Lapis Lazuli
  • White Howlite
  • Red Jasper
  • Pink Opal
  • Turquoise
  • Green Malachite
  • Mother of Pearls

Moreover, these smart lockets are handmade to perfection, unlike most others. They are quite affordable also.

#2: Floating Lockets

These lockets are quite famous and you will find many people wearing them in the fashion industry worldwide. These lockets have a transparent glass set inside a hinged metal frame. You can select up to 6-7 charms and put them inside the locket. The charms inside, look as if they are floating; hence the name “Floating Lockets.”

#3: Matching Lockets

These lockets are quite famous and ideal for best friends and lovers. The two can wear matching lockets. They usually are in halves of heart shape, so when placed together, the two lockets are complete. This is a very cute and adorable idea for women. They can present the other half to their partners.

#4: Gate Locket

These are unique lockets with a clever modern twist. You can have 1-3 photos in these lockets, but you do not have hinges like there are in other lockets. Instead, you have swinging gates, and these are in front of the images, keeping them safe and private. However, there is a downside to this. You can only use it for photographs, not charms or other kinds of stuff.

#5: Personalized Lockets

These lockets give you many options to customize them. You can personalize what is inside the locket, and engrave its front. Some ideas of engravings are words like names, hope, faith, rosy, etc. Some people like engraving biblical verses. Some people prefer the initials of their names.

Photo Selection Tips for Lockets

If you want to add photos in lockets, these tips should help:

  • Choose photos with high resolution. If you are opting for the smart lockets by Evermee, then go for personal photographs of your loved one. High-resolution photos are important so that they are clear and amazing to see on any mobile device.
  • If a photograph has more than two or three people, and if you are going for any of the other lockets, then you have to choose a locket with a larger size. The advantage of choosing the Smart Lockets is that you do not have to worry about the photo size. It is digital.
  • If you are considering printing photos then cutting them to the right size and shape can be quite a hassle. In the heart shape and oval, you will have to be very precise. You cannot leave the room with the locket and photograph and this can be a time taking process. So plan it right.
  • If you are taking a special group photo to add inside the gate locket or others, then you have to tell everyone to squeeze in together. You may end up losing some important details in the photo. You can use image-sizing apps to help you get the best fit for the photos.

In this modern age, lockets have become so much interesting and exciting to wear. Wherever you purchase a locket from, make sure you check their reliability and reviews by past clients. The locket supplier must have the option to shop online safely and deliver your order at your doorstep.

Now you are set to buy the locket you feel is ideal for your loved ones. Have a lot of fun and cherish the memories.


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