• Did you know that healthy sleeping patterns could help you prevent weight loss and improve your body’s energy levels?
  • Are you aware that if you are not sleeping well, you are exposing your body to infections, diseases and other dangers?
  • Have you tried using calming music, relaxing baths, aromatic candles to help you get better sleep, but have failed?

Sleep is one of the most natural things, which a human body is programmed to do. Sleeping is our body’s response to relaxing, rejuvenating and rebuilding all the fatigue, stress and draining of energy levels, which happens every single day.

You must have seen how some people are always looking fresh, carry a positive vibe, are more productive and appear to be always cheerful. We might be mistaken to think that those people are doing something extra special. However, the simple and effective thing, which they must have been doing, would be getting a good night’s sleep.

What prevents us from getting adequate sleep according to experts?

According to SleepReports.com, one of the major reasons that many people do not get adequate sleep is because of two main reasons-

  • Psychological issues-

If people are worried, stressed out, engage in overthinking, are too full of anxiety or going through depression, their sleep is going to get affected in a major way. Therapists state that nearly 70% of all our sleep issues are because of psychological reasons.

  • Physiological issues-

If there are complications, within your bodily organs, or if you are sick because of some infection, your sleep gets deprived. This is normal under normal bouts of sickness, but should be looked into if it persists for a very long time.

While many studies state that adequate sleep translates into eight whole hours, opinions are divided on the same. Some state that the actual requirement varies of several factors, including age, gender, body type, weight, energy/calorie burn, etc.

5 Reasons why getting Adequate Sleep is important in our daily lives: The List

1. Regeneration of the Cells, Organs and Muscles of the body-

Sleeping is the time, when your body automatically starts repairing itself. Every time you fall asleep, the body takes it as a cue to start the rebuilding process Every organ of your body, which would otherwise be functioning at their optimum levels, takes rest.

Whether it is your digestive system, your lungs, your heart or even your kidneys, all of them slowdown in their functions. Likewise, all the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues also start their regeneration process. If you are not sleeping enough, your body and all its organs are not getting enough rest.

2. Promotes productivity at professional work spaces-

If you are well rested, you are likely to perform better at work. Every time you fall asleep, you are aiding the development of brain cells. The healthier your brain cells are, the more likely are you to stay alert, informed and exhibit better grasping abilities.

Many studies have been carried out linking adequate sleep to professional successes. The major effect of sleep on your brains is that it enables the brain to restructure, reorganize, collate and present memory and data in a much better fashion. The next time, you are in line for a promotion, start bettering your sleeping patterns.

3. Checks Weight Gain and promotes healthy Body Metabolism-

Many scientists who were working with insomnia patients pointed out that people who sleep less are more likely to gain weight than the once who are getting adequate levels of sleep every day. Many fail to understand that like a proper diet, exercise and other weight losing mechanisms, sleep is just as important, if not more, than the others are.

If you are sleeping better, you are automatically cutting down on body fat percentages and increasing your muscle mass according to scientists at the University of Chicago. If you looking to improve your body’s metabolism try sleeping more.

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4. Lowers Stress, avoids Depression and reduces Irritability-

If there is one aspect of our lives, which is directly related with sleep, it is our mental and emotional levels. One of the first signs to identify depression in individuals is ask them about how much sleep are they getting. Stress is often one of the major signs of not getting enough sleep.

People who sleep soundly are more likely to be less irritable, annoyed and on the edge than those who are getting very little or no sleep. Many therapists prescribe sleeping pills to patients who suffer from depression. Working professionals who work hard and try to get more sleep on the weekends think that they are fooling their body functions.

5. Improves body immunity, prevents diseases, and improves overall health-

Medical experts and scientists agree that good sleep helps prevents harmful diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Problems, and improves body’s natural immunity to fight infections. One study showed that those people who slept less than eight hours a day were more prone to catching a common cold infection by up to three times.

There are many studies, which are being carried out in different universities and hospitals that are directly linking diseases such as Crohn’s, Inflammatory Bowel movements and other harmful ones to limited sleep. If you are sleeping less than six hours every night, you stand a higher chance to contract Diabetes.


Our modern lifestyles are not very well suited to help us get enough sleep every day. In addition to increasing workloads, we also have recourse to agents like technology and social media, which are eating into our sleep schedules. We also prefer binge-watching shows all through the night, only to sacrifice on our sleep.

Human beings think that everything in their lives are important apart from sleeping. What they fail to realise is that sleep problems have a life altering and lost lasting effect, which is very difficult to come shake off.

If you want to remain healthy, you cannot do it without sleeping properly. In this article, we tried to educate audiences as to why they should pay proper consideration and attention to sleeping adequately every single day. Do you think sleeping is an important aspect of our daily lives? Drop your answers in the comments section below.

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