It is through faith that the Christian heart grows stronger. In the face of adversity, we often turn to God for answers, but sometimes, we need to hear from a fellow Christian in order to get the motivation we need to carry on. Motivational speakers come from all walks of life, but the ones that truly resonate with us are the ones that speak to our faith and guide us to our purpose.

In this guide, we’ll cover five inspirational speakers that are perfect for Christians. Each speaker is a keeper of the faith and offers an inspirational and uplifting message to his or her listeners. All you have to do is sit down, take a moment, and open your ears and your heart.

1. Samuel Rodriguez Jr

Put on a few Samuel Rodriguez Jr sermons, and you’ll feel powerful, uplifted, and loved by God and your fellow Christians. The evangelical speaker was born to speak, or so you’d think after hearing one of his sermons. As a pastor, producer, civil rights activist, and more, Rodriguez truly embodies the Christian values and aims to provide an uplifting and memorable sermon every single time.

The 51-year-old has written several books, including “You Are Next”, “Shake Free”, “When Faith Catches Fire”, and more. If you’re looking for a speaker with an in-depth knowledge of the Christian faith, a mission to bring people together, and a truly unique voice, you’ve found it with Rodriguez.

You can find Rodriguez’s sermons at, and his books are available at major bookstores and on Still not sure? Why not give his sermons a trial run and see what you think? You might be surprised by how much his words resonate, and you can always download the prayer app to take your sermons with you wherever you go.

2. Les Brown

Known as one of the most influential motivational speakers of the last three decades, Les Brown has spoken to millions of people across the nation and the world both in-person and through digital media. His distinct style, tone, and voice have made him a desirable speaker for large organizations, including churches. Les Brown’s faith is well-known and is often included in his motivational speeches; so, while he’s not directly preaching the word of God, it is incorporated in such a way that anyone can appreciate it and his story.

Les was born on the floor of an abandoned warehouse in Chicago, Illinois. He and his twin brother were given up for adoption at an early age, and growing up was a challenge for him. He was diagnosed as educable mentally retarded in school and struggled to find his place among classmates and peers, but his determination to do better never ceased.

During his life, he has risen from the floor of the warehouse he was born on to become the world’s most influential motivational speakers. You can find his words in thousands of motivational YouTube videos, personal recordings, on Spotify, on his website, and in the many books he’s published over the last 30 years.

3. John Maxwell

If you’re at all aware of Christian popular culture, you’ve probably heard of John Maxwell. The pastor, author, and inspirational speaker has touched the lives of millions through his uplifting words and down-to-earth approach. Unlocking your personal potential is Maxwell’s specialty, and many of his books have reached the New York Times Bestseller list time and time again.

Maxwell offers guidance on leadership, finding your spirituality, and getting yourself unstuck from adverse circumstances. Maxwell has lead several churches over his long career, in several states. He’s spoken to Fortune 500 Companies, CEOs, small businesses, and the everyday person through audio recordings, sermons, and his books.

You won’t find better advice and guidance as a Christian when it comes to leadership. Discover how a good Christian uses his or her faith to lead others, to guide, and to empathize. If you’re a leader at your organization, this is someone you’ll want to look up.

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4. Rick Warren

Known as “Pastor Rick”, Rick Warren is one of the world’s most renowned Christian speakers. The founder and senior of Saddleback Chruch is known for several books and his church is the sixth-largest in the country. He leads a congregation of over 22,000 people per week!

You can find Warren’s podcast, audio recordings, books, and more on his website. The site also has a blog dedicated to helping pastors and Christian leaders. It offers advice on improving your sermons, growing your congregation, and giving the best sermon of your life.

5. Joel Olsteen

Joel Olsteen is arguably the most well-known Christian speaker in the country, depending on who you ask, of course. He’s been featured in several publications, published several books, articles, and other written works, leads one of the largest churches in the nation, and has a televised sermon audience of about ten million people. That’s right—ten million people!

Olsteen’s friendly approach makes him relatable to just about anyone. His calm but uplifting tone will help you better understand the glory of God, your purpose, and the role of his will in your life.

You can find more information on Joel Olsteen, including his books, recordings, and more, at

When Things Get Tough

Life has a way of blind-siding us with sudden challenges and adversity. It’s during these times that we need an extra hand in the form of motivational speaking. Each of these speakers has a unique tone, style, and approach that has its roots in the faith. The next time you’re facing a challenge, feeling down, or just don’t know what to do, try listening to one of these amazing speakers for inspirtation.

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