Your home. It might not be much, but it’s probably the most important material thing you own. It’s where you store all of your valuables. It’s your safe haven after a long and difficult day at work. It’s a hub for family get-togethers and evenings in with friends. And while you’d really rather be living in that mansion two suburbs away, you have to admit, what you have now is more than enough.

If your home means anything to you at all, it’s important that you don’t put home security on the back bench. Telling yourself that you’ll get round to looking into it in the future is a bad idea when property crime is unpredictable by nature – you simply never know when you may become the target for a burglary or break-in.

Your home security might be lacking now, but it’s never too late to improve it. Take a look at these 5 instant security solutions for a safer home:

1. Change your locks

Changing your locks can be the easiest upgrade to your home security that you can make. It’s especially recommended if you’ve just moved into a new home, and you’re worried the old tenants might still have a spare key or two to your property. If your locks are old, you might also want to upgrade them to something a little more secure. Get in touch with someone who has a locksmith equipment supply that’ll make the key cutting process cheap and simple. 

2. Increase your awareness

It might sound silly, but simply increasing your awareness of your own actions towards your home’s security can really help to improve your security situation. Before you leave your home, get into the habit of checking you’ve locked all doors and windows, and you haven’t left any expensive items on show.

3. Install outdoor sensor lighting

According to information from the Office for National Statistics, 61% of burglaries in 2018 took place in the evening or overnight. Burglars prefer the dark for two reasons: it offers them shadows to hide in, which means they’re less likely to be seen, and there’s a high chance that the property’s occupants will be asleep. Installing outdoor sensor lighting that turns on when it detects movement is a simple, cost-effective way to deter an intruder.

4. Install CCTV

A growing trend among homeowners at the moment is to install security cameras outside their property as an additional security feature. You might think CCTV is out of your budget, but the sight of a camera is enough to deter an intruder itself. You don’t necessarily have to buy one that’s high-tech, or even one that’s real, for it to do the job.

5. Update your security system

The standard security system is still the hub of all home security, so if yours is looking a little tired, consider switching it for a newer, more modern alternative. Home security features have improved massively in recent years, with many even offering smart capabilities, allowing you to connect them to your mobile phone and your home’s other smart devices.

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