Hook and loop fasteners, popularly identified by the name of the brand that produces them, Velcro, are one of the most brilliant human inventions.

With a simple and compact design, hook and loop fasteners are a great solution to many problems. As a result, these have been known to be used in a variety of industries ranging from apparel to packaging.

Even we, as individuals, have used hook and loop fasteners to secure picnic bags or other such items.

Even after so many decades of existing, hook and loop fasteners are so versatile that their innovative applications are still being found in many industries.

Just like industries, hook and loop fasteners can be used in a number of innovative ways to make our everyday lives a little bit easier.

Here are a few great life hacks that you can use with the help of a pair of hook and loop fasteners:

Create An Image Gallery, Without Nails

Image galleries containing several photos of family have become a great way to add some personalisation to living rooms and other common areas of a home.

However, hanging several photos on a single wall using nails can cause some serious damage to your walls. If you live in a rented property, your landlord might not take kindly to you damaging their walls.

With hook and loop fasteners, you can decorate your walls without having to drill into them. If you are wondering if a hook and loop fastener will be able to sustain the weight of a certain painting, you should be delighted to know that modern varieties offered by MPD Hook & Loop offer much more improved fastening strength, making them perfect for bearing the load of a painting.

Replace Bag Zippers

Do you have an old bag that you simply love too much to let go?

Bags that use zippers usually have a longer lifespan than the zipper itself. When the zipper gives out, the logical solution is to replace the zipper.

However, zippers are tricky to install. An easier replacement alternative is the hook and loop fastener. Simply cut them into small squares and place them on the edge of the opening.

Not only is this a cheaper way to replace a broken zipper, but it makes the stuff inside the bag more accessible.

Organise Cables

Messy cables are a necessary evil. While they may look unsightly, they are powering the appliances that power our lives.

With that said, none of this means that you can’t organise the cables coming out of your walls and appliances. With a few slim ‘rolls’ of hook and loop fasteners, you can easily organise cables in your home or office.

Simply cut a strip of a Velcro fastener and wrap it around a group of cables and voila, the job is done!

Make Your Drawers Children Proof

Children getting into drawers containing colourful but toxic cleaning supplies is a recipe for disaster.

Such a disaster can easily be avoided with the help of industrial strength hook and loop fasteners. These offer incredible staying power that will definitely be too much for the curious little hands of your children.

Keep Your Tablecloth Steady

Tablecloths are great for protecting the surface of your tables while also offering some great aesthetic value.

However, one common problem with most tablecloths is that they slide. While small slides may make for funny anecdotes, they are a source of inconvenience.

To hold your tablecloths in place, simply cut a couple of pieces of industrial strength hook and loop fasteners and place them under the tablecloth.

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These were just a few of the many, many ways you can use hook and loop fasteners around your home.

Do you know of any innovative applications of hook and loop fasteners? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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