Did you know that your office space is directly tied to productivity? Offices that have a welcoming, clean and streamlined space have employees who are happier and eager to show up for work. 

Does this sound like the majority of your employees? If not, it might be time for an office makeover! The good news is that many office makeovers don’t need to empty the company bank account, but are budget-friendly.

If you want to improve company morale and work in an inviting and energizing environment, check out these five office decor ideas.

1. Let The Light Shine Through

Natural light is appealing for a few reasons. 

Natural light by itself is a mood enhancer and can enhance an employee’s productivity. If your office has plenty of windows allow light to pour in and watch everyone’s moods lift and work get done. 

Keep the windows finger-print free with high rise window cleaning to help them stay in the best shape and promote a clean office appearance. 

2. Greenery

While you don’t want to feel like your working in a forest, adding plants or other types of green to your workspace does more than giving something for the natural light to do. 

Plants have a natural ability to purify the air. The green color of plants also conveys a message of renewal, energy, wealth, and goodness. The ambiance of adding greenery can be calming yet promote energy. 

3. Aesthetic Organization

Have you ever looked at a cluttered desk or the inside of a kitchen cabinet with mismatched lids and immediately felt overwhelmed? Studies show that the presence of clutter leads to anxiety and stress. 

To combat clutter, look for furniture or other organizational tools that help reduce the clutter and promote an aesthetically pleasing organization. Not only will it look appealing, but the act of being organized allows companies to thrive and tackle projects with vigor. 

Once you’ve completed your organizational project, inform employees about where they can find documents, records, and other necessary paperwork or office items. 

4. Create Space

An office full of cubicles can create frustration in some employees. Working in boxed spaces, yet near other people can be a nightmare for some.

Having wide-open spaces in your office makes way for movement, better communication, and is a positive move for employees health. When people are allowed to move from place to place or congregate, they’re happier and more productive

It also allows the company to save some cash because assembling walls or cubicles costs money. 


5. Play With Color

Color has a profound impact on the human mind. The psychology of color says that color can affect human behavior. For example, blue has a calming effect, whereas yellow produces a cheery, vibrant feel. 

Consider how color psychology could work in your office aligned with your mission or the vision of your company. 

Stunning Modern Office Decor Ideas

With these five office decor ideas, your office will look amazing and be productive in no time!  Are you curious about what other businesses are up to? Check out the latest business news on our business page today!