5 Most Common Problems With The Samsung Galaxy And How To Fix Them


We live in a digital era where Mobile phones have become the most significant source of our productivity and time-saving. From ordering food to traveling the world, we are just a few clicks away. To make us digitally present and connect to the whole world, it is a powerful medium.

Samsung is one of the biggest names in mobile phone manufacturing and is known for its excellent features regarding processor and memory. But sometimes, even a product with good intentions can face the backlash due to its standard functionalities’ setback.

This is so true in the case of the Galaxy series, which is launched by Samsung and has created a hype in the market due to its increasing users. While using it can give you a vibe of exclusive features, you can also suffer from its common glitches and issues. We are here to teach you some of the everyday hacks to fix before you kick your little magic piece.

Let’s take a look and some of the common problems and repairs before you replace your phone entirely.

1) Damaged Screen Issues

80% of the users who have been using smartphones are scared and known at the same time to this issue because of the vulnerable screens of smartphones. While the shiny screens made of glass can be broken easily due to dropping, the galaxy series’ smartphones are prone to this vulnerability.

As it can affect the whole look of your shiny piece, it can also affect the device’s functionalities and productivity and even cause you some health issues. So, avoid using the damaging screens and read the hacks below.

Damaged Screen Issues

Fixing Hacks

  1. Tape It Until You Make It

You can cover the screen with tape for the time being to avoid causing it more harm until you can repair it.

  1. Guard Your Screen Now

You can finally use a screen guard now to protect your screen from more future cracks.

  1. Check Warranty

You may be fortunate enough to break your screen in the warranty period to repair your device. So always take a check first.

  1. Find A Certified Store

In the end, if nothing works, maybe you need a professional to fix it, so go and find one as your device needs a safe hand.

2) Battery Drain Or Low Battery Issue

While Every smartphone user always wants a battery backing up the whole day, only a few are lucky enough to be satisfied with their device’s battery life. It’s widespread with every smartphone user and now also arising issues in Samsung Galaxy devices, and people have been sharing the case on the forum. We cannot say about the galaxy makers, but here we can give you some hacks to improve your battery life. Read the hacks below to overcome the issue.

Fixing Hacks

  1. Uninstall Apps Which Are Never Used

Installing several apps that are not even in everyday use can poorly affect battery life. Don’t fill your smartphones with such apps just for the sake of installing. It’s a very technical yet straightforward hack to make your battery life a bit more stable.

  1. Power Saving Mode

You can also go on a power-saving method, which can help you in extending your battery life. You can also make it on automatically when your battery goes down from a stable number.

  1. Lower Your Brightness

This hack will not only improve your battery life but will also decrease the chances of affecting your eyes from the damaging screen lights.

3) The Trouble With Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint technology helps you keep your data safe and save it from getting into the wrong hands. Owners of galaxy phones are also having problems related to fingerprint sensors. You can fix it with some very general tricks.

Fingerprint Recognition

Fixing Hacks

  1. Check your sensor for dirt or scratch
  2. Avoid using wet hands while using it
  3. Check if your phone’s case is not affecting the functionality of the sensor. Remove it and then check again.
  4. In the end, the only option is to put it in the hands of professionals or following the directions specified as per TechyHost.

4) Overheating

The little bit of heating up of smartphones is an issue among the users since the first smartphone. Nowadays, heavy software and games like Pubg can heat your phone, but galaxy users are complaining of overheating within a few minutes of use. Extensive usage of battery by high-quality games and multitasking can also lead your phone to overheat. Here are some general solutions to overcome them.


Fixing Hacks

  1. Avoid using apps for longer duration which leads to heavy consumption of battery
  2. Don’t let the apps run in the background
  3. Keep your device up-to-date
  4. Enable safe mode in your Samsung device and try resolving the issue
  5. Keep your device away from the direct sunlight

5) Weak LTE Connection

In the times of high-speed data, the devices in the galaxy series are also getting a backlash on a very general issue that is the ability to connect to the internet. Here is how you can fix it with some general tips and tricks and save you from wasting your time in a blame game.

Weak LTE Connection

Fixing Hacks

  1. Try rebooting the device
  2. Go into the setting<connections<mobile networks<network operators<select automatically
  3. Check that the SIM is activated and placed correctly
  4. Go outdoors and see if the signals get better
  5. Contact your operator to check if there is an issue on their end


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