Mushroom costs 2000 dollars! 5 most expensive foods around the world

While some consider food a way to survive, others find it a unique and enjoyable experience.

The discussion is about wealthy individuals who search for the most exclusive and uncommon foods from around the globe. These delicacies often require paying exorbitant amounts of money to taste them.

The type of this food is often simple, but its scarcity and the difficulty of obtaining and distributing it make it very special, and it is often called “the food of the rich.”

Elephant feces.. the most expensive type of coffee

Elephant feces
Elephant feces

If you are a coffee lover, and you want to enjoy a unique and unparalleled experience in the world, you can drink a cup of elephant poop coffee , which is also called black ivory coffee.

This type of coffee is produced only in northern Thailand, by fermenting Arabica coffee beans in the stomachs of elephants, which consume them, and then excrete them in the form of feces.

During the fermentation process, coffee beans are affected by the digestive enzymes of elephants, which break down cellulose, which usually gives coffee a bitter taste. Which makes drinking it easy, as if it were a cup of hot chocolate, especially since it tastes somewhat similar to it.

Hence, the taste of black ivory coffee becomes tastier than any other type of coffee, which makes it very expensive, and the price per kilogram of it may reach 2000 US dollars, and it is sold only in luxury hotels and cafes around the world.

White truffles in Italy 

White truffles in Italy

The white truffle is one of the rare types of mushrooms that grow in desert lands, its advantage is that it often grows underground, or near oak trees, and it is found in abundance in Italy.

The process of obtaining this type of mushroom is not easy, as it requires specialized and qualified people to pick it, while dogs can be relied upon to reach its place, due to their ability to distinguish the aromatic smell that scatters from it.

 The weight of one grain of white truffle mushroom ranges from 30 to 300 grams, and its shape is similar to a potato, and its color is dark brown, as its price can reach $2,200 per kilogram, depending on its quality, especially since it has more than one type that is easy to obtain, and grows in Calcareous soil.

One thousand dollars per kilogram of dragon chicken 

Dragon Chicken
Dragon Chicken | shutterstock

In Vietnam, specifically in a village called “Dong Tao”, one of the most expensive and rare breeds of chicken in the world is bred, which is called ” Dragon Chicken “, in relation to the shape of its huge and strange legs, similar to dragons.

This type of chicken appeared for the first time in Vietnam nearly 20 years ago, where the Vietnamese farmer, “Jian Tuan Fu”, was the first to start taking care of it, at a time when the real origins of the Dragon Chicken had not yet been reached, and where it first appeared.

The price of dragon chicken reaches $ 1,000 per kilogram, while a single chicken can weigh more than 7 kilograms, which makes it one of the most expensive types of chicken.

Among the reasons for the high price of this chicken is its special breeding method, which requires great care, as out of every 500 chicks, only 15 are suitable for sale, in addition to being very sensitive to temperature changes.

Diamond caviar extracted from endangered fish 

Diamond caviar is the most expensive of all types of fish eggs in the market, as the price of one box reaches $38,000.

This type of caviar is obtained from the rare and endangered white sturgeon, which lives in the Caspian Sea.

The diamond caviar is distinguished by its white color, unlike the rest of the othertypes of caviar, and it is sold in a 24-carat gold box.

The most expensive type of meat in Japan 

Kobe beef
Kobe beef

Kobe beef , which is located in Japan, remains one of the most expensive and finest types of beef in the world, which is served in the most luxurious and expensive restaurants and hotels.

This type of cow called “wagyu” is characterized by its soft and very fatty meat, thanks to its different breeding method, which passes through a special diet, with daily massage until the time of slaughter.

 The price of one kilogram of this meat reaches 300 US dollars, and one slice of it was sold for more than 200 dollars at an auction in Japan.


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