It’s difficult in this day and age to quash the belief that results only come from digital marketing. Many great marketing ideas still happen offline, and the best marketing strategies are those that combine a package of online and offline ideas – and as seamlessly as possible. Give your business a boost with these offline marketing tips for established businesses.

Networking will always succeed

No matter the size of your business, you can network your way to success. Whether you operate from a big city or a small town, there are many opportunities to build a business network, so make sure you attend any relevant business activities in your area.

Worried that your area doesn’t have a business group? Do it yourself! Start up your own network of local interested businesses. This can be hard for anyone, whether you are an introvert or not, but try to put your all into it. don’t forget your business cards!

Trade shows are a great place to network and get exposure for your business. Whether you are selling or just displaying to create brand awareness, getting your name out there will be imperative. Make sure your promotional items (such as freebies and interior signs) scream your brand and get you noticed. At a trade show, give away samples or discount codes if you can, and if it’s possible to do so, offer a workshop or be a speaker at the conference if you are in a position to. If anyone gives you their details, ensure to follow up as quickly as you can afterwards – certainly within a week, but sooner if you can!

Get creative with your more ‘old school’ marketing

Business cards ain’t dead! Think of them as an extension of your brand. Set yourself apart with your business cards with a unique design that reflects the values and creativity of your brand. If you feel you can’t do this, hire a graphic designer. It’s the little part of your business that people are going to walk away with, so it needs to be impactful. If there are many of you within the company, make sure you all have your own ones so you can give them out at any opportunity. Keep them consistent with your website – use the same fonts, logo and colours so it is easy to remember who it’s from. Using coloured card instead of white may help you to stand out.

There is an argument for not wanting to print as much in this day and age – but sometimes, nothing beats printed material for people to take away. Send them a link and it will get lost in their inbox. Infographics, flyers, pamphlets – whilst some may get thrown in the bin, a lot of the time, people will put them in their pocket or bag and see them at a later date – always a good reminder to check out your website again. Make sure you include your contact details and maybe even discount codes if that’s something you can offer.

What about billboards? Go for an innovative design as you need them to stand out. Outdoor advertising always seems like a big expense, but this can be worth it. Just ensure you have a clear call to action and that your contact information is provided.  Don’t include too many words – less is more! Don’t just pick one anywhere. Research the demographic of your customers and potential clients to work out where the best location is.

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Change up your packaging

If your goods are physical and you have a lot of competition, make sure your product packaging is thought out well! That could be the deciding factor between your product and your competitors on the shelf. Incorporating recycled material in your packaging and making sure you don’t use too much (or any) plastic is a really good way to attract people. Being sustainable is attractive! Don’t be scared to test your options on potential customers and get feedback. Remember – what you like isn’t necessarily what everyone else likes.

Get extra PR power

This isn’t to say that you need a full in-house PR team within your company, you just need to ensure that you create relationships with relevant media to get good coverage from local journalists. Show them what you are about and what your brand is about – get yourself in the news! Invite them over for a meet and greet and do an interview. If there is a top of mind issue about your business, invite the officials to your office to take a comment from you.

When it comes to holidays, you can always send out small gifts or cards to your clients. It will stick out in their mind and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a personalised greeting card. It shows clients that you care and that they mean something to your business. It doesn’t have to be something like Christmas or New Year, but even something like an annual gift or discount code with a greeting card on your business anniversary will stick out in the mind of your clients.

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Give great advice

You are the expert! Try contacting a local radio show and offer consumer advice relating to your brand and industry. If you like writing, try to get a regular column in a local newspaper or similar to give free advice – this will attract potential clients, but be genuine and offer valuable information! Do not try to sell as you’ll be wasting an opportunity to build real relationships with potential customers and peers.

You could also try holding free consultation days, making them valuable and actionable. Hand out flyers packed with useful tips – for free.

Get your brand known

You need to be more visible so that people notice your brand. Kit out your team – or just you, if you are a one-man-band – with some quality clothing featuring your branding. Don’t go for the cheapest – there’s a reason for this! Sponsoring a charity, cause or local sports team is also a great way to get yourself known, or you could look for opportunities to volunteer. If you do decide to do the latter, have no shame in donning that branded shirt!


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