Outdoor events can be a great way to connect with your community, find new consumers, and celebrate your sponsors. Advertising options for outdoor events vary from posters to t-shirts. But have you considered inflatables for your outdoor event?

Inflatables are uniquely exciting for outdoor events. Indoor events may limit your display’s footprint, including height restrictions. But with outdoor events, even if you’re limited on your footprint, you can always go up!

Inflatables can be created in any size or shape. A giant flying pig? No problem. Giant inflatable start finish arch or an arch for your team to run out onto the field? There’s an inflatable for that. Create a buzz at your next outdoor event by going big and going unique!

#1: Breakthrough the Advertising Noise

Today’s consumer is bombarded with advertisements from the moment they wake until they go to bed. In the case of an outdoor event, from the moment they arrive, until the moment they leave.

Outdoor events will typically feature mascots, tents, posters, contests, giveaways, and even loudspeaker announcements. What will you do to set yourself apart from the noise?

Inflatables Stand Out From the Crowd

A great way to break through that noise is with a custom inflatable. They’re visible from a distance and can be printed on all sides. The bright colours are attractive and inflatables, like arches and tunnels, invite people to walk through them and right into your booth.

Be Unique

Inflatables have the ability to be both unusual and yet familiar at the same time. Consider an inflatable of a favourite character or well-known product. The large size and the fact that it’s an inflatable will make it unique to stand out in a sea of advertising.

The familiarness of the object gives the consumer instant recognition of your brand, drawing them near.

#2: Add a Fun Factor

Inflatables are undeniably associated with fun. Maybe that’s because most people’s first experience of an inflatable was a jumping castle at kid’s parties.

Inflatable Games

Inflatables have moved way beyond the primary coloured jumping castles of our memories. Now, inflatables can be used for games of skill, slides, interactive displays, and obstacle courses. They’re a great way to keep visitors entertained.

Common inflatable games include kicking or throwing a ball into an inflatable tunnel for safety, such as a football game. But they can also be used for games such as golf, hockey, or bowling. Essentially, let your event attendees try their hand (or foot) at hitting the target.

Interactive Inflatables

Inflatables today can be truly interactive. Think inflatable tunnels, chairs, or cars that can be sat upon and houses that can be entered and explored. Interactive inflatables not only draw a crowd but also give that crowd something to do in between the main event’s activities.

You can even use an inflatable to create a ticket or cash grab that’s easy to transport, allowing you to create excitement.

#3: Free Publicity

Free Publicity

Local News

Due to the sheer size of most inflatables, they’ll make their way into pictures taken by newspapers and websites. This means you’ll reach not just the event’s attendees, but anyone who reads about the event after its conclusion, whether they attended or not.

Instantly Instagrammable

In addition, who can resist taking a photo with a larger than life beer can or whatever inflatable you’ve dreamed up? Inflatables provide natural locations for event attendees to take photos and then to share those photos on social media. Thus, the advertising capital of a creative inflatable is priceless.

The combination of event day attention, traditional print media, and social media buzz can create word of mouth advertising for your product. The great thing about word of mouth advertising is that it grows organically and is free!

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#4: Durable, Reusable, Transportable

Inflatables are Designed to Last

Inflatables measure their lifespans in years, not weeks nor months. Most manufacturers offer some sort of print fade guarantee, even when faced with Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

Inflatable projects start at a few thousand dollars. Considering that the expense can be spread over years, you’re sure to get a high-value return on your investment.

Use at Multiple Events Throughout the Year

Inflatables can be quickly taken down and packed up at the end of the event. Then, it can be quickly unpacked and set up for the next outdoor event.

While larger inflatables can be a bit more involved to set up, they can usually be managed by a small team. The durability and reusability of inflatables make them a cost-effective option for advertising needs.

Perfect for Traveling Displays

You will be hard-pressed to find a display as large as an inflatable that can be taken down and stored in a compact form. This makes inflatables incredibly transportable.

Inflatables can be driven or shipped to the next event for minimal cost when compared with other display options that are of the same scale.

#5: Versatility

Inflatables are Fully Customisable

Inflatable manufacturers will work with you to create just about any object you can think up. You can make most things inflatable–from arches and games to larger than life objects, like mascots, products, and even words.

But the shape and size are not the only things that are customisable. You can print almost anything on an inflatable, such as logos, drawings, even photographs.

Options, Options, and More Options

Inflatables can be customised with internal LED lighting that can be turned on or off at will. To change the look of your inflatable, you can also add removable banners and canopies. Since our focus is on outdoor events, why not add a cool misting option to draw attendees and keep them comfortable in Australia’s summer heat?

For another lighting option, consider projecting coloured lights or even video onto your inflatable. The options are really limitless, allowing you to create a high impact image that can be used in a variety of settings. No electrical outlet available at your outside event? You can still run the inflatable fan from a battery.

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