When it comes to the entrance door or back doors for the home, there are a lot of choices. Do you choose from PVCu, composite, or Timber doors? What you do not know is that aluminium doors Sydney also provide credible options compared to composite doors or PVCu doors and Timber doors. If you are currently planning for new doors then there are good reasons why you should consider BetaView for your doors to be in aluminium.

1.Aluminium Doors Can Be Wider And Taller Than The Pvcu Doors

Generally, aluminium doors can be made much larger than the PVCu doors. Most system doors can be made up to 2500mm high or tall if required and up to 1200mm wide or more with more sophisticated systems. This means you need not have sidelights and top lights added. This means you benefit from using the entire opening like a door and it could also work out cheaper as adding top light or side panels to doors adds to the overall cost.

2.More Glass And Less Visible Frames

Do you know that Aluminium is two-and-a-half times stronger than PVCu? If you go for an aluminium door you will not only gain from having a much slimmer door but one that actually supports bigger sizes and more visible glass area. This means a more attractive, aesthetically pleasing door and it gives you more glass area with less visible frames.

3. Aluminium Doors Give You Discrete Or Invisible Hardware.

The hinges used on composite and Timber doors are bulkier and more intrusive than aluminium doors. This is because PVCu frames in composite doors and PVCu panel doors need reinforcement and bulkier hardware to support the weight of the door leaf. This is not the case with aluminium as it is slimmer and needs no reinforcement for hardware to have a suitable strong fixing point. The Hinges found on aluminium doors are ultra-slim and with some doors, you can even have completely invisible hinges.

4. Aluminium Doors Can Integrate Better With Windows

If you already have aluminium Windows installed in-home or have a screen, porch, or other glazed feature that needs both doors and windows, aluminium doors are all designed to couple and integrate with windows. This means you do not require a composite or PVCu door that looks different from your Windows. Modern aluminium window and door systems are designed to couple together to have uniform and matching screens. If you already have aluminium Windows installed you can match their slim lines perfectly with an aluminium door that was designed from the outset of work with them. With some systems, you can have side and rear doors that match your bi-folding doors.

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5. Aluminium Doors Give You More Color Choices And Color Matching

Polyester powder coating is a more advanced and durable way of coating aluminium profiles. You get over 200 color options and also these are further added to textured, metallic, and even different colors inside and outside. You can even have wood effect doors in aluminium. With powder-coated aluminium doors and powder coated windows you are guaranteed a perfect color match.

Aluminium doors give multiple glass and panel options meaning if you require modifications, they can be done in order, in the future, or even taken out altogether.

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