A garden kneeler may seem like a fancy gardening tool, but it’s necessary primarily if you work for more than six hours a day and the work involves a lot of kneeling and squatting.

While there’s a myth that garden kneelers are designed for the elderly, it is perfect for all gardeners regardless of age.

Often, gardening is a daunting task that involves kneeling to access low beds of vegetables and flowers. Kneeling for long can ruin your knee’s interior as well as your back. Garden kneelers help protect your knees from the pain of kneeling on the hard ground directly. With a useful kneeler, your patella (the triangular bone at the front of your knee) is safe, and your gardening activity is more manageable and enjoyable.

Here are some reasons why a garden kneeler is essential:

Gardening Chores Become Much Easier.

A garden kneeler is such an incredible tool that you can never regret having in your home maintenance and gardening gear. The most challenging aspect of gardening is weeding at ground level. It involves getting up and down. Using your arm strength, you can lower yourself for planting or weeding then lift yourself without worrying about straining any part of your body. Besides, you can use your kneeler for yoga or any other activity that strains your back and joints such as sports events, camping, household chores, and bathing a baby.

Reduced Joint Pain and Back Stress

Are joint pains and Back stress hindrances to your gardening activities? Worry not. A garden Kneeler is a way out. If you suffer painful joints or weak lower back or you’ve undergone a knee treatment surgery, it’s a perfect choice. You will have the privilege of carrying out both outdoor and indoor activities without awakening any resting pain whether you’re gardening, working on the car, or just reaching out inaccessible low shelves.

Protects your Knees from Rough Surfaces

Kneelers have a cushioned board that absorbs shock and keep your knees from rough surfaces. Your clothes, when exposed to hard surfaces, are more like to wear and tear due to friction, thus hurting your knees. 

It also protects your clothes from dirt. Since it’s waterproof, you can use it in an unclean environment. Unlike clothes, the kneeler cover is challenging and can be cleaned easily. 

Convenient and Comfortable

Almost all kneelers have side rails to support your weight while going up or down. 

Garden kneelers are made with a thick padded cushion from EVA foam. This gives you all the support and comfort you need while gardening. Besides, they also double as a seat or a bench you can sit on when it’s time for a well-deserved break. All you have to do is turn over the frame upside down and convert the kneeler into a sturdy bench and enjoy a mug of coffee. Also, the court can be of much use when pruning tall plants and you can’t reach the top.


Unlike clothes, kneelers are made of high-quality steel tubing that’s coated with powder for a fantastic finish. The coating also makes it more durable for outdoor activities. Besides, they can support up to 300lbs, so you don’t have to worry about breaking it if you are a plus size.

A garden kneeler is a superb gardening tool as long as you store your kneeler inside when not in use. Your clothes will also serve you for a more extended period as they will not get torn from contact with hard surfaces.

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Bonus Points on the Importance of a Garden Kneeler

Easy to Store

A garden kneeler is foldable and light in weight. Since you can fold it into a compressed unit, it will occupy a small part of your storage. If you have been hesitating to get yourself a garden kneeler with the fear of it occupying too much space in your store, you have no excuse. Moreover, if your activities are far away from your home, then you need to stress less because apart from occupying such a small space, it is also portable. You can pack it in your car while going camping or wherever you might need to use it.

Manufactured to meet all your Needs

Do you have lots of other gardening tools and feel like a kneeler is an extra burden? Worry not. Most kneelers come with a handy pouch attached to the frame and have enough space for all your gardening accessories and tools. 

Some kneelers are also designed with extra – vast space to give you room for movement or an integrated handle that makes the pads easily portable while shifting around the yard. They also come in different colors to suit your preference.


Don’t let prolonged kneeling keep you from having fun and enjoying your time in the garden. Get yourself a garden kneeler and keep any joint and back pain attack at bay.

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