5 Reasons why Shooting can be surprisingly good for your Health


Most of us think that shooting is all about firing bullets from the gun, however, it’s so much more than that. It involves adventure, thrill, skills, and unlimited fun and most importantly, provides you with multiple health benefits. Most of the shooters are more interested in getting the right kind of attachments for their firearms such as an excellent optic to pair with your .300 Win Mag rifle to meticulously hunt down a deer. However, knowing the health benefits can make all the struggle and dedication of the shooters even more worth it.

Therefore, we have listed down five reasons that will enlighten you with all the health benefits shooting has to offer to you. Keep reading!

1.    Adrenaline Rush

Shooting can make you extremely excited and a bit nervous at the same time, as you don’t want to miss the target. This makes you get an adrenaline rush in your body. Your heart starts pumping faster to increase the flow of blood to your muscles and brain. All of this ultimately contributes to the release of happy hormones like serotonin and endorphin, and these hormones are great for your physical and mental health.

2.    Eye Vision

If you have bad eyesight, shooting can obviously not help you with it. However, it can make your overall eye health better as you will be unknowingly doing a small exercise for your eyes when waiting for the prey or hitting the bullseye. Additionally, it will also be healthy for the eyes to enjoy a screen-free time out in the woods or shooting range.

3.    Strengthens Your Upper Body

When you have to stand still in order to wait for your target or get the perfect shot, you are maintaining the right posture that helps to strengthen your core and back muscles.

Also, holding your firearm in a right angle and position for a certain period of time can help you to make your hands, shoulders, and forearms stronger.

4.    Helps with Your Balance and Coordination

Over time, you learn to remain stable in the right position when your gun recoils while shooting. This helps you with the balance and coordination of your entire body. Shooting teaches you to keep your legs firm against the recoil and to not miss your target, this allows your legs to strengthen as well.

5.    Mental Health

Whether you’re hunting or practicing your targets in a shooting range, you have to remain super focused in order to shoot right at your target. This concentration allows you to forget all about your problems and simply focus on your passion entirely. You become fully consumed by it and this lets you relax for a while. Most of the shooters feel even better after shooting.

Also, when you hone your skills, your self-esteem and confidence are boosted. This lets all the positive vibes flow through your brain to make you feel happy. Knowing that you are perfect at shooting gives you a sense of security as well, therefore, making you feel calmer overall.


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