Did you know that people have actually died from playing too many video games?

Video game addiction is a real thing. If you notice addictive symptoms in yourself or a loved one, then it’s important to do something about it.

Are you wondering what to look for? Keep reading to learn all about 5 signs of video game addiction you shouldn’t ignore.

1. It Affects Their Personal Life

One of the biggest signs of addiction is whether video games are negatively affecting their personal life. For instance, if their grades are getting worse or they’re playing Call of Duty instead of doing their homework, this is a concerning symptom.

Another worrying sign is if they start distancing themselves from friends and family members. As the addiction gets worse, they may even neglect to take care of themselves. This can take the form of malnutrition, bad hygiene, and more.

2. They Waste Their Money

Just like an addicted person spends all their money on drugs, someone who suffers from a video game addiction is likely to spend a huge amount of money on video games. This could be on video games themselves, or microtransactions within the games.

If their bank account is suffering from their video game habit, then something needs to be done. Similar to searching “drug rehab center near me“, there are places that can help with other kinds of addictions.

3. They Do It All the Time

A more obvious sign that someone might need video game addiction treatment is if they spend most of the day and night playing games.

An addicted person will usually have no real sense of the time they put into playing video games. For example, they may sit down to play for an hour only to realize that several hours or more have passed by.

4. They’re in Denial

If you bring up the subject of video game addiction with your loved one, they may be defensive or even hostile.

When it comes to addiction, denial is often a symptom that prevents you from even broaching the subject with them. This will explain if your loved one shows little to no concern about failing school work, fading friendships, and more.

5. It Affects Them Physically

A sedentary lifestyle is never healthy, but those negative health effects can be increased with video game addiction.

Someone who plays marathon-long game sessions every day is likely to develop pain in their neck, wrists, elbows, and elsewhere. They could even form blisters or calluses on their hands.

Sleeping disorders can also occur, giving them a tired and restless look. Over time, they could develop obesity and other life-threatening health issues.

Have You Noticed These Signs of Video Game Addiction?

Now that you’ve learned all about 5 signs of video game addiction, you can make sure you or your loved one can get professional help.

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