Painting a home will make a dramatic difference when the project is complete. It can get expensive and will take some time but in the end, it will offer many benefits.

Is it worth saving money and just doing the project myself?

It all depends on the situation, but what it mainly comes down to is would you rather pay a professional to go it quickly with quality, or save money but lose time?

Ultimately, the choice is yours but to help make the decision a little easier…

Here are five signs you to hire a painter!

The experts at Gustafson Painting will help you refresh your home exterior with a professional paint job.

#1: You Don’t Have The Time

Probably the biggest reason is as simple as there’s not enough time. We all live very busy lives and there’s just not enough time in the day or week. ANd by the time the weekend rolls around, it sounds amazing to just relax and enjoy time with the family.

So instead just hire a professional, this will eliminate stress on your end all while getting the job done. Sure it will cost more money but you won’t be wasting precious time to paint a wall.

Instead of a week at tops project, it’ll turn into a month-long process for you to tackle it alone around a busy schedule.

#2: Large Project

Another great reason to leave it to the professionals is if you have a large project like painting the entire house.

For large projects, it can take a very long time. On average with a team of two, it will take 5-6 hours to paint a medium-sized room. This total to less than a week to paint a 12,000 sqft. Home.

Reality is, a professional will have a team that can knock out the project extremely quickly along with keeping the quality up to your standards.

When it comes to large projects, it will cost more. But it will be finished a whole lot fast, there will be less stress, and most importantly it’ll be done with quality.

#3: Quality

One of the best reasons to choose a professional is because its what they do for a living. They spend the majority of their life painting all kinds of homes.

They’ve done it all from little touch-ups to a full interior/exterior paint job! So when it comes to quality that’s all they know.

Another reason they’re so good is that they know all the little tricks and what to look out for. They will know the outcome before it happens


They’ve made all the mistakes before making it to your home (Unless you’re the first project) they’ve had enough experience to do flawless work in a timely manner. One of the reasons their quality is much better is because of the equipment they have invested in.

#4: You Lack The Proper Equipment

What makes the pros so quickly other than experience?

They just simply have the best equipment. Nit only does it make for a great time but they also have the best drop cloths to protect your home.

Equipment costs will add up quickly when you take the job yourself, the good news is professionals already have theirs.

Another benefit is they know how to properly use the equipment, for example taping around edges or using the best brush strokes.

It doesn’t matter what the project is they’ll have the experience and best equipment for the job.

The equipment will protect your home as well, but if any mistakes are made they’ll be covering the costs!

#5: Insurance

Although this doesn’t require any skills or speed, hiring a professional will give you the benefit of insurance.

Before hiring a company, be sure they offer insurance, if not they probably aren’t the best move. If they’re insured they will cover any costs if a mistake is made.

This means if a paint can is spilled you won’t have to worry about the expensive to repair the floor.

This is the best way to stay protected because if you made a mistake then you’ll have to cover the costs and they can get pricy depending on what happens.

Final Thoughts

The most important factors to decide whether or not a professional is for you are the time size of the project, quality, equipment, and insurance.

A DIY project can be a lot of fun if there’s time, but following DIY projects is always stress, its probably best to leave a larger project up to the professionals.

This way the project can be stress-free along with some free time to hang out with the family!

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