5 Things to know About Buying a Subwoofer

5 Things to know About Buying a Subwoofer

Whatever kind of music you like or whether you like it soft or loud, a high-quality subwoofer could really advance your overall listening experience. These subwoofers are made specifically to reproduce low frequencies. Usually, the speakers in your car are small; thus, they have difficulty making a low-frequency sound to give depth and realism in your music. So, a quality subwoofer allows you to experience a world-class quality sound  that modern digital technology offers. In this article,we’ll focus on subwoofers for a car,if you are looking to buy it for your living room,check this article by Newswatch.

However, before you decide on what type of subwoofer to install in your car, you have to check first a few considerations beforehand. This is important to help you determine the perfect subwoofer for your car and your needs. Here are five important considerations you have to deliberately think about before you make the choice:

Driver Size

The size does matter as this will match up to the type of sound you want to produce. That’s because you want to move large volumes of air to create low notes. The movement of air correlates with the driver’s excursion (how much the cone goes in and out) and the surface area of the driver. Smaller subwoofers will produce a richer and tighter sounding bass. This is because these subs try to move the air through the higher excursion. However, too much excursion may also result in non-linearities and distortion. On the other hand, larger subs produce louder and deeper sounds because they move more air with only less excursion, but the larger areas can cause break-up issues in the cone which can also lead to harmonic distortion. Therefore, you need to choose a subwoofer that creates a balance between the size and the excursion. 


Most subs these days are placed into an enclosure. These are usually made out of wood and come in 2 different builds. The first build is a sealed enclosure. Sealed subs often have smaller cabinets and are made for tighter sounding bass. On the other hand, vented or ported subwoofers have more bass extension. This type of system is used to get the subwoofer’s maximum output. This is mostly preferred in vehicles with trunks to create deeper bass or music with more bass. Therefore, you have to think about what type of program material you will usually play in your vehicle and get the most appropriate loading for your needs. 

Power Rating

Most, if not all, subwoofers nowadays are powered and use a wide array of different amp architecture. Some subwoofers have unreasonable power ratings that will usually make heads turn. But, in reality, the fact of the matter is that you may only need less power than what you think of. 8-inches subwoofers in small vehicles can work incredibly with 150 watts while huge 15-inches subwoofers don’t need more than 500 watts of power to produce all the bass you need. That doesn’t also mean that you should not get a more powerful amp if you have the budget. If you have enough money for a more powerful subwoofer, the amp will not have to work proximate to its limit which will result in more headroom and lower distortion. Manufacturers have online calculators that will help you choose the right sub based on the size of your room. 

Space-saver or a Finish that Blends With The Interior of the Car

A powered sub is now preferred by most car owners. This is because it combines an amplifier and a woofer into one enclosure. And because the amplifier is already built-in, you only need to find a place for one piece of equipment. This is perfect, especially if you have a small vehicle as this won’t take up too much space in your car. However, these powered subs may not provide the sound quality that you like, leaving you with no choice but to buy a separate woofer and an amplifier. This may take up too much space in your vehicle and may even be open and visible in your car. With this, it is important that you choose a cabinet for your woofer that is rigid, well-braced, and a finish that complements the interior of your car. This way your subwoofer will not look like a nuisance in the car.

One or Multiple Subs

Putting a subwoofer to your system will not only provide your car with a better bass but will open up the soundstage as well, letting you sense a much larger space than before. It is a good idea to have a subwoofer with its own room correction. You may also want to consider finding multiple subs. In some instances, multiple less expensive subs can sound even better than a single, expensive sub. This is due to the room interactions and how these subs can cancel and boost room effects, hence providing a smoother response.


It is important that you consider these five important things when choosing a subwoofer to ensure that you got the best sub for a high-quality sound experience. Remember, a high-quality subwoofer will give you the world-class sound experience inside your car. 

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