5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Car Sound Better


If you’re looking to make your car audio system sound better, well look no further. This will cover quality, source, and component aspects of your car audio system. We want to Jam. let us start with the basics to get your car stereo back to one bumping jukebox.


Quality of Music is factor one. Having low resolution streamed or downloaded music will give you a sound you dont want really. Sound Engineers from Audio Mention recommend paying for high-quality streaming or music at your desired media outlet. Higher the quality, the better the sound that’s the way it is. Spotify Premium, Youtube Music, Apple Music, and Tidal Premium is some of the higher quality streams; you will get a better sound then you would be with a free account. Stay away from satellite and radio, even HD radio, as this is some of the lowest quality available.

Number 2:

We need to look at the radio, how old is it, how old is the Bluetooth is the unit currently using. It might be time to upgrade the system unit. We would recommend Sony GS series; the billion-dollar corporation allows their car audio to get the good stuff, and the good thing is excellent hardware that improves car audio.

If you can all together plug in your phone via USB directly to the source unit, we would suggest doing that as it is the best quality and the phone charges simultaneously. If your phone is capable, you can enjoy apple car play and Andriod auto.

Number 3:

Check your connections and replace any wire that looks bad? Replace any weak or loose connection, as the connection is everything in an installation. The corroded, pinched wire also affects the signal, causing even more issues with your system, some being intermittent or constant.

Just Replace all that Looks or Appears Bad

Number 4:

Replace The Amplifiers. If everything you did list above isn’t working, its time to swamp the amplifier; a lot of time, the car audio amplifier, especially a factory one, will fail, while failing crazy issues will arise. Over time this amplifier will continue to fail and then totally not work anymore.

If it is a factory amplifier, you will need to bypass the amp. OEM amplifiers will fail, its not if rather its when. BOSE, INIFITY, are some of the iconic ones that just randomly fail. The cool thing is all you have to do is locate the factory amp. Now, how man channels do you need to input into the aftermarket amplifier. Most of the time, it is no more than 5, but as the car, trucks, and SUVs get newer and newer, they keep adding speakers, which is more channels.

Once you identify that, now just run power to how man amplifiers power and ground you are going to need to power up. If it’s more than one, you may need to run another remote turn on from the ignition or RAP module location. Install the correct power wiring; once that is finished, now go back to the factory amp location. See the wire pin configuration. Head over to direct techs; you might need to call your installer buddy for access to direct techs; pull up the year make and model, find the speaker wiring. Please print out the one that displays, all speaker wires, now head back over to the factory amp location. When you can confirm it is indeed the correct printout, you can safely cut the input off and wire it from the factory side to the aftermarket amplifier. Be sure to ensure power and ground from the factory location are secured, and out of the way, heat-shrink works the best, not to cause a malfunction and or fire. Use a 9v battery with + and – to pop the speaker’s location and install it into the correct channel on the aftermarket amp.

This should overall save you time as factory amps already have the wires are already running to the speakers. Tune accordingly

Number 5:

This is one of the final steps you can take to ensure when all else fails. RESET the settings! This is the most straightforward method, and a lot of times will work out. To note, dont just reset your radio, also reset your amplifiers, you can do this by turning the gain down. Adjust accordingly, if you have no idea what you are doing, please ask a friend.

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This is a general guided overview.; if you are having more issues than most, we would suggest reinstalling the system paying attention to all listed above.

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