It is always stressful to face criminal charges against you. After all, your dignity, livelihood, and reputations are at stake. Once you are in this dire situation, you can not ignore the fact that you need a professional defense lawyer who can strongly create and prepare your case.

If you choose the wrong person to defend your case, you will be wasting your money, time, and energy. It can even make the situation more complicated. With that being said, you need to take your time to choose the best lawyer to represent yourself.

What Questions Need To Be Asked Before Signing An Attorney?

The sheer number of attorneys active in the US is more than 1.3 million. Choosing one out of all can be a very daunting task. You have to be careful that you choose the right criminal lawyer who can easily understand your case.

The best thing you can do is meet with your prospect lawyer and discuss the options available for the case. You must also ask them questions to gauge their sustainability and confidence about the case.

Here are some of the questions that you can ask your prospective lawyer before hiring.

Ask About Their Background And Experiences

When you are searching an attorney for your case, you do a thorough background check to ensure that they have the necessary experience to handle cases like yours. Ask them about their career, and how long they have been practicing law?

Here are some of the additional questions you can ask to have a deep knowledge of your prospective attorney.

  • When did you get your law degree?
  • What kind of criminal law cases have you handled before this case?
  • In which courts have you appeared?

What Kind Of Clients Do They Handle?

This is a very important question that is mostly overlooked by employers. When you are meeting with an attorney, make sure to know about those clients. This way, you will know what kind of cases they have worked on in the past. Remember not to believe in the words of the attorney. Some will take the job just for the fee. You need to make sure to hire an attorney who is willing to help you with the best of their efforts.

What Are Their Areas Of Expertise?

A lawyer can take any legal cases. Most of the lawyers prefer general cases. Law is a vast field. Even for the lawyers, it can be confusing. To know which area your prospect lawyer specializes in, you can go through their profiles and website. There is no harm if lawyers practice several areas of expertise. But when your life’s on the line, it is advisable to go for the lawyers who practice exclusively your kind of cases. A criminal defense attorney will have more chances than an attorney who practices all kinds of cases.

What Are Their Charges?

This is an important aspect when you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer. You obviously wouldn’t want to face financial problems while fighting your case. It is better to look for an attorney who has a moderate fee and still has experience and knowledge about the live cases. However, keep in mind that their payment methods might vary from attorney to attorney. Some charge on an hourly basis while some charge a fixed price.

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What Do They Think About Your Case?

The answer to this question finalizes whether you are going to hire the respective attorney or not. The initial consultation with your prospective attorney is the best time to ask about their personal perceptive on your case. This is where you can gauge the lawyer’s strength, and you will be able to know what options are available to you.


When you face an issue where you have been charged for a criminal offense, you must take immediate action by hiring a professional defense attorney. By asking questions that we have mentioned above, you can prepare your case strongly and defend yourself.

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