Choosing wall paint for your home is not as easy as ABC. Before coming to any conclusion performing due diligence is a must. You need to pay attention to several factors that are likely to affect your choice of wall color design. From lighting to your room accessories, before googling “painters near me” there are some dos and don’ts that you need to consider. 

Drawing inspiration from the most amazing color-loaded interiors, we have listed down some tried and tested tips for choosing the right paint colors for your room. 

Tip 1: Pay Attention to Permanent Features 

The first thing you need to do is to look around your home and take a note of all permanent features. Your flooring, fireplace, beams, and other décor accessories all have an impact on the wall color. The tinge and tone of all these elements should be precisely considered before running your eyes over the paint palette. 

Tip 2: Don’t Pick the Paint Color First

Don’t simply start with painting. Before you walk into your revamping process, first find inspiration for your room. Select furniture, draperies, fabrics, décor, and major accents first, and then go for choosing the color. Accordingly, pick the color that can harmonize with all your room elements.  

Tip 3: Test Paints before Finalizing

The fundamental rule of painting your home is to test the color first. If you skip this step, then you are likely to waste your time, money, and efforts. So, to avoid nasty surprises later on, make sure to buy testers of your selected paint colors. Additionally, ensure that you test samples in a properly lit space. Test your preferred swatch and check it against your flooring, and permanent fixtures. Just testing on a white wall won’t provide you a clear idea of how the shade complements with your rest of the room elements. 

Tip 4: Think About the Mood and Purpose of your Room 

These are two essential factors in the wall color choice. Before you lift the color palette, ponder over how you use the space, plus, who uses the space. If you want to make your room exude an energizing appeal then go for colors that have a stimulating effect like the ones with bright tones. For this, even a white would get the job done right. Furthermore, if you want to create a movie lounge or a serene bedroom, go for classic shades to create a cozy ambiance. 

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Tip 5: Find Complementary Neutrals 

If you desire to use multiple tones in a room then make sure you select the boldest color first. This is because finding complementary shades for bold and bright hues is difficult as compared to the lighter ones. 

What next? Want more inspiration? To make your room feel more spacious, use slightly dark shades for short walls and light shades for longer walls.

Follow these tips and paint every room in your home like a pro.