5 Tips for Choosing the Right Coffee Beans For You


In an ever-changing world it is always hard to choose between a lot of varieties, same goes with coffee beans. It can be very exciting for a coffee lover to choose with a lot of flavours and quality products coming in. But there can be some tips how can you choose depending on your likings.

  • The choice of your coffee is largely dependent on your personal likings. ARABICA and ROBUSTA can be two broad categories in today’s marketplace. The difference is Arabica grows more in high altitude areas and will be slightly acidic and smooth.  ROBUSTA grows more in lower altitude so it has strong bitter taste. Arabica is considered of higher quality because of what it goes through during its journey to coffee roaster. But you may or may not like end product because what it goes through never ensures somebody is going to like it always. So it depends more on the roaster or brand which makes the coffee for you and more importantly you like the taste of it.

The taste of your coffee can largely depend on how you want to roast your coffee. In various parts of the world, there are various methods for making coffee. you can change the taste of the same coffee beans just by slightly changing the making procedure.  

  • If you want your coffee table to have consistent delicious taste and you like smooth coffee with varying acidity then it’s better to choose light and dull coloured beans. As these beans are roasted for less amount of time and coffee extracted from them is not bitter in taste. But on the other hand if you like coffee with a strong taste then you should go for dark beans that are roasted for a longer period of time. These beans would produce much stronger coffee with bitter taste. Also you need to know how to roast coffee beans.
  • While choosing amongst coffee beans you must know what is the amount of caffeine you want to have. You must also be aware of the false misperception that dark beans contain highest quantity of caffeine that may not be the case. In fact, light roasted beans have the highest level of caffeine of the all coffees. If you want more caffeine you must go for light or medium roasted beans and vice versa.

How to roast coffee beans?

You can simply roast beans yourself according to your requirements. Green beans can be put in microwave for heating and then spread over perforated trays and once they start cracking beans are slightly roasted. Too much roasting can burn the beans. Try to listen for second cracks and they will be medium roasted. And then remove them as soon as you feel they have reached your taste. And then leave the beans open for 12 hours to ventilate carbon dioxide.

  • Its not really hard to like a coffee but if you like a certain roaster do prefer it for consistency and better quality. Although you may find it hard to get the exact same taste every time. But sticking with a quality provider will ensure that you won’t find many flaws in your beans. That can be the easiest way to ensure that you are going to get a good cup of coffee everytime. Another important factor while buying coffee beans is that you should check the roasted date so that you have an idea when they were roasted. Prefer the beans which are grinded for some real quality taste and avoid coffee beans which have not been through any special treatment and packed as they produced.
  • Most of the coffee beans may not be 100 percent from Arabica or Robusta although their packing can claim that. You always need to pay attention to details on the packing that’s how you are paying attention to good beans. Never go for good advertisements but always go for the information they provide and choose what you like.


A good coffee will depend on the good beans so be aware of what you like whether light or dark coffee, amount of caffeine you want to consume and if you like some coffee do prefer it to ensure the quality everytime you want a cup of it.


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