Working remotely is quite common nowadays. While there are some disadvantages like being isolated or having household distractions, it does offer employees increased flexibility. They’ll be able to personalize their office to suit their needs. And many times, employees choose to take their work outside! 

Spending time in the outdoors has several benefits. For instance, it can improve your mood, attention span, and energy levels – all while it’s comfortable and to your liking.  When you’re in need of a change of pace, consider an outdoor office. Below are 5 tips for creating your outdoor working space. 

1. Choose the Perfect Spot

Not only will spending time under the hot sun be uncomfortable, but it causes a glare on your computer. This makes it challenging to look at screen. It will also drain your battery and cause your device to overheat. 

How do you prevent this from happening? Find a well shaded, cool spot. While some people use their empty shed, others prefer nestling comfortably under a shaded tree. The decision is yours! 

2. Keep Devices Charged

You won’t be able to get any work done if your devices aren’t fully charged. Just because you’re outdoors, doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to one device. If you’re used to working with your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or extra monitor screen, take them outdoors!  

However, dragging an extension cord across the yard or having to plug your device inside when it’s low on battery doesn’t seem too convenient. Purchasing a portable laptop charger will allow you to keep your device charged. Many power stations have multiple outlets to keep several devices energized at all times. 

3. Protect Your Eyes

Being outside means you’re getting exposed to the sun. Even when indoors, you shouldn’t be staring at a screen all day as it puts much strain on the eyes.An inexpensive way to avoid this is buying a laptop sunshade or an anti-glare protector screen. Either will prevent you from squinting all day which can result in eye strain. 

4. Use Weatherproof Furniture

Bringing out a table and chair each time you want to work outside sounds inconvenient and annoying. An effective outdoor office idea involves using waterproof furniture. Although your indoor furniture may look aesthetically pleasing, it’s not designed to endure direct sunlight or weather. 

If you want to ensure your furniture lasts a long time, an outdoor work pod would be a convenient solution. These are outdoor office spaces used for, yes you guessed it, work! While on the pricier side, these pods come with everything you need and offer a convenient working station while outdoors. 

5. Invest in a Wi-Fi Extender

You probably can’t work without Wi-Fi, so it’s definitely one of the most important things you need to take care of if you create an outdoor office space. Being outside will most likely mean your router won’t be able to reach you or your signal will be weak. Therefore, be sure your internet works properly. 

You should get a Wi-Fi extender to keep speeds up even if you need to use the internet outside. You can also get a mesh network that will give great coverage and provide uninterrupted internet throughout. 

Final Thoughts

Spending time outside with nature increases our focus and productivity levels. It also has the power to improve our days and overall wellbeing!

Whether you’re looking to have a permanent space or just a once in a while spot, it will give you a break from your indoor office. These tips will guide you towards creating and also enjoying your outdoor office space. Good luck!

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