Athleisure is one of our favorite wardrobe staples right now. Whether you are working from home, going to the gym, or hanging out with friends – athleisure is something suitable for pretty much every occasion. Not only that, but the comfort and versatility make it applicable to almost any season.

Like most types of fashion, everyone has a different style and different things that they like. When it comes to athleisure, you may just need to play around with different items and brands until you find what works. Below, we offer five tips for finding your athleisure style so you can be cool, comfortable, and stylish all summer long.

5 Tips for Finding Your Athleisure Style

1. Find the Right Sports Bra

Depending on your breast size and daily activities, you may already wear a sports bra on a daily basis. Or, you may only wear one when you are working out. Athleisure has changed the face of sports bras forever. Now, there are tons of styles, designs, and fits that you can choose from. We recommend choosing one that suits your needs (support, lift, etc.) while also providing the comfort you crave.

2. Find the Right Tights

Tights are one of those wardrobe items that are just great to have around. And with so many colors, cuts, and styles now available, you can easily wear your favorite tights on a number of occasions. Solid tights are great for working out or leisure time, while bold prints or fabrics can be dressed up for a night out.

3. Try Sneakers with Everything

Sneakers – especially the classic white sneaker – are insanely hot right now. From major Fashionistas of Hollywood to our favorite small-town boutiques, the sneaker is just hot! Try wearing your favorite sneakers with, well, everything. Pairing sneakers with a dress or skirt gives a relaxed cool girl vibe. Wear sneakers with a skirt and blazer for real head-turning business on-the-go look.

4. The Right Cut

Athleisure is designed for comfort, but that doesn’t always mean it’s designed for every budget. The good news is that investing in some great athleisure pieces is worthwhile because they are designed to be worn. The quality of athleisure gear is high, and the fabrics are made to withstand sweat and stress. To get the most out of your investment, make sure you choose the right cut for your body. Find out what styles you love – halter tops, cage tops, bold prints, capris, long pants, etc. Focus your investment on those pieces.

5. Layering is Key

One of the great things about athleisure clothing is that it is easy to layer. As you know, many current trends involve layers. Why not make the most out of your athleisure wear with pieces that are comfortable and versatile. A chic jacket or blazer over athleisure basics can really amp up your style.

Make it Yours

With so many athleisure options available, you can truly create outfits and styles that are as unique as you are. Whether you want to look sleek at your next Pilates class, or need some basic pieces that transition from work to home, athleisure wear is a great way to improve your wardrobe with pieces that are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. 

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