The concept of electronic books came to light when in 1971 Michael Hart started the Gutenberg project, in which all the books in the public domain were published electronically on the Internet. The purpose was to allow people to get books of different ages free of charge through the Internet. The book was published by Stephen King, who published his book ‘Riding the Bullet’ in 2000 and within just 24 hours of publishing the book, 400 people bought the book for $2.50 and got it in the form of an electronic form.

How to start eBook publishing?

In comparison to any other sector, the Internet played a very different and important role in the publication of books, which went beyond the competition in profit and loss. It became a survival battle in which smartphones, laptops, e-book readers such as Kindle, Sony Reader and Nook played a major role in increasing the sales rate of books. It is far more than the first printed books in history and ushered in a new era of electronic books and the Internet.

Now you can easily find a subtitle software that will help you in creating a great ebook with the top-quality content within a few minutes.

If you are a writer, creator, or teacher, or have the ability to provide some kind of creative service on your own and want to sell your services online to people through the Internet, you should be immediately connected to the work of electronic publishing, because the future of this work is not very bright.

If you are serious about attracting a large audience and actually selling your eBook, you need to be very particular about what you are making and how you are creating. Otherwise, it will be a possibility using the form of puzzle game: tossing a bunch of coins at the same time and hoping to catch with one hand.

5 Tips to Increase Your eBook Sales

If you have completed writing an eBook, it is time to say congrats to you. Just a few people can do something you’ve done. But the work is not yet done. Learning how to write an eBook is one thing, but it’s a completely different task to sell it and make a profit.

But don’t worry; you can do the following few things to help raise the sales of eBooks.

1. Focus Your Audience

Your book has a title, and in the Internet world, this title theme is likely to be attractive to somebody. When this title has been built up, your act is to discover which group of viewers you can focus on which can improve the offers of your digital book. The research will help to determine the advertising types which you should do as well. You may consider using social networking, youth magazines, and other marketing centers specifically dedicated to this demographic to improve your eBook sales.

2. Format the eBook Properly

A good eBook’s reputation on the market is one of the most important aspects.

If you just upload your copy with the errors, you’ll fall into a number of different problems like an unreliable author.

It is a good idea to use an editing or proofreading system to ensure that your eBook is meeting with standards with respect to writing, grammar, and punctuation.

E-Book editing services can also inform you of the quality of your eBook to ensure it is flowing and reasonable in form.

3. Publish and Promote your on Multiple Platforms

A website with search engine optimization(SEO), writing a blog that tells readers about the book and using social media marketing are some of the most popular forms of promotion. Moreover, accessibility is an effective way to promote the buy-out of your eBook. If readers will not be able to find your book on a specific platform, and much more work is required to find the book, they can easily forget about your book and go further. The best approach to avoid from this is to distribute your digital book on various mediums like Kindle, Amazon, and Sony reader

Following are few means by which you can assemble publicity for distributing your digital book:

  • Make blog items identified with the title of your book.
  • Make designs for your book and spot in your sidebar and inside blog posts.
  • Make an illustrative design to use on the first page of your website.
  • Connect your book inside related blog posts.
  • Make an email succession to sell your book (this is for those further developed with a bigger email list)

4. Enter More and Effective Keywords

EBook Keywords are an important search element for your eBooks in online stores. Keywords are an ideal way to improve the market place of your eBook. You need to take control of your eBook in marketing and give it the best opportunity to stand out in a vast e-Market. Choosing the correct keywords to your eBook in an online shop like Amazon, Kobo and others can help drive your sales page with more ‘ ideal ‘ readers. You will be asked for various information when you upload your eBook to an online store. The writer also needs the collection of keywords for your eBook. In your name, definition and every information to be shown on the sales page, you need to remember the keywords used.

5. Fix a Convincing Price

If an online reader wanted to pay 15 dollars for a book, they would buy it a hardcopy. The entire purpose of eBooks is to make them portable and affordable. To pay too high a price for your book will discourage people from reading it because they may not want to pay too high for a digital product. Then again, if the cost is excessively low, the seller probably won’t see the digital book’s price, feeling that it may be of lower quality. There are a couple of approaches to urge readers to make a buy. Along these lines help your digital book’s business, for example, offering complimentary gifts and arrangements. Limited time offers attract more readers, especially those who do not usually buy the book online. Research indicates that your virtual products’ sales revenue will increase by 8-10% providing 30-day cash back guarantee. Furthermore, the chances of getting repeated refund requests are quite small if your brand achieves what it promises.

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