One of the essential parts of getting a wall tapestry is knowing what you want and where to buy it. Some of the tapestries are so thin that they tear off within a short time. You can purchase different tapestries in different sizes, shapes, and styles from many vendors offline and online.

When buying online, double-check the specification and description of the tapestry piece which you required. This phenomenon will help you choose a wall tapestry that falls under your preferences. There are several types of tapestries available according to specific designs and sizes.

Kinds of Wall Tapestries

This is a list of some of the wall tapestries that can help you create a different atmosphere.

Mandala Wall Tapestry:

Mandalas usually use to add elegance to the home under Buddhism or Hinduism culture. It operates by some group of people to create a serene environment at home.

Mandalas became a premium mechanism used by Buddhists for meditation. If anyone wants to use mandalas for meditation, they can hang the mandala tapestry. The particular art of tapestry represents the circle of life and the connection between viewer and object. You can also add mandalas on your walls or ceiling to add color to any room or space.

Omber Floral Wall Tapestry:

If you want to purchase a tapestry having both hippie and bohemian designs, you should go for an omber floral wall tapestry. You can use these tapestries according to various ways, style, and multiple purposes like table and ceiling covers, bedspreads, and window curtains.

Hippie Wall Tapestry:

This kind of tapestry gives a relaxed and casual atmosphere to your room due to its colors and shades. You can utilize hippie tapestries for the positive texture of the space. With a massive demand for these tapestries, you can easily find them in any color or design.

War, Social and Political Tapestries:

It’s a kind of tapestry that belongs to war scenes and many other famous historical moments. These tapestries are usually more dramatic than different types, but they can give a detailed glimpse of history, especially for some special social and political moments. These tapestries typically come in large and extra-large sizes, here we can take an example of Tapisserie de Bayeux or La telle du conquest on embroidered cloth approximately 70 meters (230 ft) long and 50 cms (20 in) tall, which depicts the events of the Norman conquest of England. This massive tapestry is a conversation starter as it has complete narrative art in itself.

Abstract Tapestries:

A lot of today’s contemporary tapestries presents abstract art. You have to make sure that whatever type and size you have selected have to complement the existing décor of the space or wall. You can find tapestries almost in every size and shape. If unavailable in required measures, then you can order custom tapestry according to your need.


You can use wall tapestries in so many ways all over your home by choosing so many styles, designs, and colors available. Selecting the right tapestry for a suitable place is great art anyone can have!

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