Valentine’s day is around the corner, and the idea of giving something to a loved one can feel overwhelming. Getting something that shows appreciation and expresses how you feel can seem like an impossible task, but the following ideas my help guide you in the right direction.

A Customized Experience

One way to show someone you care and that you wanted to do something special this Valentine’s day is to create a customized experience. The easiest way to do this is to buy a polaroid camera.

Yes, these types of cameras aren’t too popular anymore, but that makes them even more special. What you will do is use the camera to help you two do something out of the ordinary. Go and try to fill up that camera with interesting pictures that you can look back on.

The Gift of Health

It’s easy to give the gift of sweets. Everyone likes sweets, but sometimes, these delicacies are filled with processed sugars and things that aren’t too good for you. Those who want to give something that won’t make you or your loved one feel guilty afterwards may want to consider a healthy gift.

Try to consider what your loved one is into or doing. If you are buying for a woman who regularly makes shakes and smoothies, why not consider a women’s protein powder, which can be easily added to any shake. There are protein powders for guys, too, if that is what you need.

A One-of-a-Kind Gift

Sometimes, the right gift is totally one-of-a-kind, and there are a number of ways you can go about this. Those with the skill could consider making something like a handmade scarf or maybe socks or gloves, whatever you can do.

If you don’t have any skills to do something yourself, then consider the idea of hiring someone to do something special. You can keep it small with pieces of clothes, or you can go big and custom-make a jewelry piece that you know your loved one will treasure forever.

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A Getaway for the Happy Couple

Another thing you can do is plan a trip together. You get to try all those love languages the whole weekend, like spending undivided time together, a little physical attention, and the whole trip can be the gift. Make sure it is somewhere your special someone wants to go.

Try to remember some of the places your loved one wanted to go for a long time, unless you can think of a place he or she hasn’t considered that you know is coveted. You can take a trip outside the country, or if you prefer, it could be a closer trip, maybe a state or a few cities away.

An Immersive Gift From the Heart

Perhaps you need to consider showering your special someone with Valentine’s day gifts based on the five languages of love. There are five ways you can show someone how you feel using the languages of love, and if you create a gift based on these, you are going to do well.

Some of these you are probably doing, like giving gifts, but you might not be doing others. You want to concentrate on the rest of the five languages, which are affirmation words, acts of service, physical touch, and spending quality time with your loved one.

These are just some of the Valentine’s gifts you can try. The key is to make sure the gift is not only natural but feels right, so don’t be afraid to follow your heart.


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