5 Visa Rules You Need To Know When Moving To USA

When you move to a foreign country you must be aware of the immigration laws. In fact, it is not easy to understand the immigration rules and regulations at first. Further, the rules and policies are different for different countries. So it is important to research the Visa laws and requirements when you want to move to another country. In this article, you will find the most important Visa rules that you need to know while moving to the USA.

5 Visa Rules to Move to the USA

Well, you will find a lot of information on the internet about US Visa rules and regulations.  Because there are more than 100 types of US Visas that you might get confused. So you can consult The E2 Visa Lawyer for moving to the USA. Now here are the 5 Visa rules that you should know before moving.

1.     Filing A Petition

First, you must have a petition approved by the USCIS. The USCIS (United States of Citizenship and Immigration Service) is the administrative body that facilitates the immigration process for foreigners. If you want to apply for a Visa then make sure that your petition got approval from the USCIS. Note that, you are not going to file the petition, because you are not qualified for it. It can be filed either by your employer or relatives who is staying in the USA. Once your petition is approved then you become eligible to apply for an immigration Visa. For more information on the petition, you can visit the USCIS official website.

2.     Immigrant Fees

You have to pay a $220.00 immigrant fee to the USCIS. However, there are exceptional cases for exemption of the immigrant fees. You can check whether you are eligible for the exemption of immigrant fee from the USCIS official website. You can also send an inquiry about the fees if you don’t get clear information from the site.

3.     Medical Requirements

When you apply for an immigrant visa, you have to go through the medical exam. This medical exam will be done by an Embassy-approved medical expert. The medical exam will be conducted at the Embassy or at the NVC. There are many steps to be followed before you go for the medical exam. You can schedule your appointment for medical exam by yourself.

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4.     Consulate Appointment

Next, you have to attend the interview at the U.S Embassy or Consulate on time. You cannot go for the appointment before the time mentioned in your appointment letter. So read carefully the security restrictions that are mentioned in the appointment letter. You will find all the information about the documents you need to bring to the interview. Certain things are not allowed at the Consulate, so do not bring those items to the interview. Follow the instructions as fast as possible to get your Visa on time.

5.     Waiting Time for Immigrant Visa

Well, the waiting time to get your immigrant Visa cannot be exactly estimated. Because each case is different as there are many processes that are different for different individuals. In general, the waiting time depends on there major factors.

Petition Approval Time: The petition time also varies from one immigrant visa case to the other. Because the type of petition differs from person to person and the official who approves the petition. You can check the estimated petition time for different purposes at the USCIS official site.

Time for Medical Exam and Consulate Appointment: After the approval of your petition you need to apply for the Visa and follow the instructions. The time for the medical exam and consulate appointment depends on you how fast you follow the instructions given by the NVC. Once your documents are verified, you will get your visa after some days.

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Final Words

Finally, you have understood the important Visa rules for moving to the USA. Now you can apply for your visa yourself or you can contact a Visa consultant if you find any difficulties. Remember, there are certain special cases for the Visa application. Don’t get confused by a normal application and a special purpose application. If you have any queries regarding immigration rules and laws, mention below. Lastly, don’t forget to share your thoughts after reading this post.


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