5 Ways A Fat Tyre Bike Can Change the Way You Travel

If you are a cycling enthusiast and looking for a decent bike to ride around the city areas, it is time for you to get a fat tyre bike. If you are not familiar or convinced with the concept, let us make it clear to you. 

Fat tyre bikes are quite different from regular bikes; their comfortability is much higher, and the grip they have on uneven and slippery surfaces is incredibly powerful.

Well, we know that you will need more information before you make a decision. That is why, in this article, we have listed five ways a fat tyre bike can change the way you travel around the city.

Let’s get into it.

  1. They Are 10-Times Fun

Whether cycling is just your hobby or your regular method of travelling from one place to another, there is no excuse for you to miss out on the fun. When you ride a fat tyre bike, you will notice that everything is a lot smoother than it used to be. Your ride will be less bumpy; hence, less effort-requiring.

With a fat bike, you are free to ride around the snow, mud, water, and sand with the same wide grin on your face. It would make everything so much easier and become enjoyable, even when you are going to work. In other words, with a thick tyre bike, your fun bar will expand by 10 times.

  1. Increased Versatility 

Usually, when you plan a road trip, you wish to take your bike with you. But you can’t take it everywhere because every surface is not cycle-friendly. For example, if you are going to a farmhouse near a muddy area, you might not be able to ride your bike there. Similarly, when the snow falls, the cyclists lose the opportunity to enjoy the cold breeze on the pedals. 

However, all of it gets eliminated with a fat tyre bike. In fat bikes, you’ve got a bunch of bump-softening forks. These will help you out even if there is no snow at all and the track gets all bumpy and rooty. 

Moreover, some bikes come with chubby rims – which are not fat and not regular, but somewhere in between – that provide average grip on all kinds of tracks with a faster speed than fat bikes.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can take your backpack and go “bikepacking” as well. Tons of people are following the trend where they travel to unusual, amazing sceneries on their bikes.

  1. They Are Not Fat, They Are Big-Boned

When the concept of fat bikes was first originated, I will admit, they were a little heavy, making it difficult for different groups of people to ride them with ease. But that’s not the case anymore. Most “fat bikes” today weigh under 30 lbs., even the entry-level aluminium ones.

If you are feeling a bit fancier, you can even get a carbon fat bike weighing up to 20 lbs. That is about the same weight as a mid-tier road bike. In carbon bikes, there is literally a carbon counterpart for every aluminium piece upgrade, such as pedal, rim, brake lever, seat posts, etc.  

In other words, if the word “fat” means something heavy to you, then these bikes are not “fat,” they are just big-boned.

  1. You Get Variety

When fat bikes were first introduced, only limited companies were manufacturing and retailing them. Thus, consumer choices were limited.  Nowadays, you have got a huge variety to choose from, tailored to whatever use of fat bike you see yourself doing the most. 

Almost all major bike companies produce fat bikes now, and you have got a whole host of fat bikes at smaller companies that offer better customer service.

If you are worried about how to choose the right one, just go to a local bike shop nearby and try them out. All bikes, especially fat bikes, are mostly graded for personal preference. So, it is really hard to choose the right bike without seeing and trying the product in real-time.

  1. You Become Part of the Community

Believe it or not, fat tyre bikers are some of the friendliest, most loving and welcoming people in the cycling community. And this is not illogical. When you put someone on a bike with extreme comfort, it is bound to make them enjoyable and welcoming.

There are large communities of fat bike riders on Facebook, Reddit, MTBR, and other social media sites, and all of them are willing to help out a fellow fat bike rider or a newbie that is just getting on their feet on the ground. A lot of bike shops around the country also have a winter riders’ group where all levels of riders get together and have a great time on their fat tyre bikes.

Moreover, if you are feeling a bit competitive, you are in luck as well. Road bike and mountain bike race organizers figured out a while ago that fat biking is not just fun; it is also good for rider’s health. Since fat bikes provide more comfort and require less effort, it allows the rider to stay on the bike for longer and burn more fat. That is why there are fat bike races all around the world in which you can participate. 

Bottom Line

There is no denying the fact that fat tyre bikers have reported an immense increase in their comfort, energy, and health ever since they started riding it. Moreover, there are fat tyre bikes that are powered by an electrical motor, providing you even more riding time and requiring less strength.

However, if you are still on the fence about buying a fat tyre bike, here is one tried and true method that would convince you: Ride a fat tyre bike for once. Whether you rent it from a shop or borrow it from a friend, our bet is that you will love it the second you ride it. 

And when you finally fall in love with it, you can go and get your fat tyre bike at affordable rates. 


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