Office icebreakers are a fun and effective way to help new employees feel welcome during their first few days at work.

Ensuring your employees are happy and fitting in is important because it decreases employee turnover and increases productivity. For this reason, many companies use a variety of icebreakers to “break the ice” and help your new employees start socializing with long-time workers.

Not only are icebreakers great for new employees, but they are also a good way to help your staff engage and connect overall. Whether you have someone new to the team, or just seems a little shy, playing these office games can make a big difference.

If you are a business owner who wants to increase employee relations, here are several icebreakers that will do the trick.

1. Two Truths and a Lie

A fun office icebreaker is to have your employees tell two truths and one lie about themselves. The truths and lies should be as unbelievable as possible. The rest of the staff then needs to guess what is true and what is a lie.

This is a fun way to get to know random facts about your staff.

2. Single Word Mood Descriptor

One of the funny icebreaker questions is to ask your staff to describe their current mood with a single word. This usually leads to interesting answers that result in follow-up questions. Before you know it, your employees will be fully engaged in each other’s descriptions.

3. Boss Q&A

A great icebreaker game is to allow your staff to ask you, or a manager whatever question they want. For a few minutes, your staff can ask you any questions without fearing the consequences. Not only is this a good way to connect with your employees, but it also gives you a look into any employment concerns they might have.

4. Guess Who

For this game, everyone should write a silly fact about themselves and toss all of the facts into a box. Each person needs to pick out a fact and try to guess who it is about. This is a great way to learn things you might not ever learn about your employees.

5. Icebreaker Event

If you have a serious morale problem or are hiring several people at once, consider hosting an icebreaker event. You can hire a team building company to lead your employees through games and exercises that help them get to know each other. This is also a great idea for a quarterly or annual event.

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Use These Icebreakers to Increase Employee Relations

Use these icebreakers to help your employees connect and engage with their co-workers.

Consider using ice breakers that encourage your employees to learn more about each other. You can also have your staff describe your mood by using a single word or let them grill the boss for a few minutes. Supercharge your efforts by holding an icebreaking event and getting the entire team or department involved.

Use these games to increase employee engagement and productivity. Don’t forget to browse our site for advice on technology, travel, health, fitness, and more.

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