If you run a business then you know how important it is to create and maintain a website, blog or social media account to try and reach more people in your target audience.  But – just how much have you invested in a social media marketing strategy?

Social media has become a key method for businesses to increase engagement and boost brand visibility.  In other words, you can never have too much content!  In today’s world, people will binge watch videos, memes and other related content, so you need to satisfy that need of your audience.

When it comes to determining how to market your business online, JP Maroney,  Founder of Harbor City Capital, a multinational enterprise that specializes in digital media assets, reviews  some strategies to consider when reaching your audience.

The more content the better.

One rule of thumb to follow, according to JP Maroney, is the more content, the better.  As long as it’s good content.

“Think about your favorite movies. How many do you love to see when Kevin Hart or Dwayne Johnson post stuff when they are filming Jumanji on set?  Think about it that way, reviews Harbor City Capital founder, JP Maroney.

The point is, people want to see what you have to offer.  They want to be engaged, whether it’s by what you have to say or through a video or blog post.

Cater to your audience.

No matter what business you run or what product you offer, you will always have different levels of fans or followers.  JP Maroney says you’ll have many people who notice you, and who will pay attention to you. 

“They’ll talk about you with their friends. They’ll say “oh my god you gotta go check this out.”  So you want to be able to satisfy the demand for that content.  I think if I were to tell someone what’s the minimum, you’d think it’d be three posts today, but it certainly can be cranked up beyond that,” he says.

Utilize industry hashtags.

Hashtags are an effective way to stay up to date on trending topics, the latest events and questions within your industry.  They’re also a good way at getting your content in front of a wider audience by using them in your social media posts. If someone looks up a specific hashtag, they can see the content that has been posted with it, which will help your business gain more exposure. 

Offer value and be authentic.

While social media is certainly an effective marketing tool, it shouldn’t solely be used to sell. Instead, think about what your audience wants or needs and communicate the value of the solution you are offering.  For example, don’t only post about your product, how great it is and why everyone should buy it.  Find other ways to connect with your audience so that they know you are genuinely interested in their input.  Authenticity is key.

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Adjust your strategy:

Just like there will be inevitable changes that occur within your business, your social media content will change too.  It’s okay to test different posts, campaigns, and strategies because it helps you to understand what works so you can refine your strategy in real time.

Remember, you can effectively reach your online audience with the right strategy in place; and using social media will definitely work to your benefit.

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