There are so many things that you should add to your backyard this Summer for your kids to enjoy. Not only will adding fun toys to your backyard make it look better, but it will also encourage your kids to leave the video games behind and actually hang out outside. With these new toys, you’ll be the hottest house on the block.

1. Tire Swing

Making a tire swing or regular swing is incredibly easy with the right tools and materials. All you need is some rope, chains, wood (if you’re making a regular swing), and a tire (if you’re making a tire swing).

First things first, though, you need to make sure that you have a tree branch that is stable enough to hold up the weight of a child and a swing. If you don’t have a good enough tree branch, you may have to make a stand yourself.

2. Archery Set

There’s nothing more fun than playing a bit of archery with your kids! There are many toy versions of archery that you can purchase to set up in your backyard, none of which include sharp pointy arrows that could potentially cause people harm.

For older kids who you trust to be safe around real arrows, you could build a bullseye yourself out of wood and teach them how to use a bow and arrow!

3. Badminton or Volleyball

If you have a big backyard, setting up a net to play badminton or volleyball will be incredibly fun for you and your family. They’re also relatively inexpensive and incredibly easy to set up. They’ll provide you with so much Summer fun and exercise!

Many brands sell backyard kits that come with nets and other toys, like those velcro paddles and a velcro ball that are fun to play catch with. Pick up one of those kits to ensure that your backyard is the coolest ever.

4. Seesaw

A seesaw can be made or purchased, although it’s much easier to purchase one than it is to make one at home. Seesaws can be really fun, adding a playground element into your backyard. If you want to go big, you can also add a slide, completing your playground theme.

If you install a seesaw in your backyard, make sure to supervise your children while they use it, as injuries can occur on a seesaw, especially if there’s a large difference in weight.

5. Trampoline

And finally, every good backyard has a trampoline. Trampolines are great for exercise, for learning fun tricks, and for convincing your kids to come outside and enjoy the fresh air. Again, you should always watch your kids while they’re using the trampoline and encourage them to make smart decisions.

Serious injuries can occur on a trampoline, so be careful. You can also play games on your trampoline, like encouraging your kids to a jump-off. Who can jump the most times in a row without getting tired?

Think Outside of the Box

While these toys are all great and will make awesome additions to your backyard, you should consider thinking outside of the box to add some creative elements. For example, you could add chalk walls, allowing your kids to draw on the walls without getting in trouble.

You could even set up an entire art station, or buy a bowling kit and set it up in the driveway. There are also so many different games that can be played outside, some that require purchase and some that don’t. Nothing will ever beat buying a Wiffle bat and ball and establishing random bases around your backyard to play. Either way, buy these toys and come up with your own creative solutions to encourage your kids to play outside more this Summer!

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