Are you afraid of negative karma unfolding in your life? But maybe your karma is already active and you just don’t know it. Maybe you declared the bad experience to be bad luck. But it could also be your karma, which demands a dissolution from you. Find out the six things that tell whether karma impact your life.

1. People who are emotionally close to you

People who are emotionally close to you can be karma partners. Especially if the contact has a lot of potential for conflict. If so, we perceive it as a negative life experience. The father or mother could be such a person. But the conflicts disturb family peace. There are always problems between you and your parents. And has that been going on for many years? Here karma could be the reason. Only when you can resolve the conflict will you be free.

Relationship partners also very often belong to the karma partners. It could be toxic or dramatic relationships that you are suffering from. The suffering reflects the karma that is unfolding. Understand what the task behind this suffering might be for you. Then you can work on this karma.

2. Problems with feelings of distance or closeness

Do you have a problem with your feelings because they are not balanced? Do you either prefer the absolute distance or are you a person who is looking for extreme closeness? Then your emotional world is not balanced and it could be karma that wants to be redeemed. Especially in relationships we find these inner conflicts with feelings. Such extreme feelings can lead to problems in relationships. It makes sense to think about whether you want to work on the topic.

3. Forgive and forgive

Did you have an extremely negative experience that you cannot forgive? The emotional hurt is just too great. Perhaps it is interesting to reconsider this decision. Especially if you found the experience dramatic or even tragic. Because it is conceivable that what you experience is karma. The karmic aspect was not the experience, only the trigger. It’s about how you concern with this emotional hurt and whether you are willing to forgive.

4. Take responsibility for your own life

Do you shy away from decisions and prefer to leave them to other people? Maybe you live at home with your parents, who take care of everything for you in life. But now the parents are no longer there and you are alone. Now you are unable to take control of your life and take responsibility for yourself. But that can be exactly the karma task that you are supposed to solve.

5. Lack of self-love

You hate yourself? Maybe you don’t find yourself attractive or smart enough. You lack self-esteem so that you cannot love yourself. Instead, you try to be different. But it doesn’t get any better because you are still unhappy. You will probably stay that way even if you don’t understand the karma task hidden in the drama. Learn to love and accept you. Then you love your soul too and you can become happy.

6. Charity and Caring

When we talk about charity and caring, we are not talking about the situations in which you volunteer for service. It could be that your parents need this kind of love and care because they are sick. The parents with whom you have had a conflict for many years. But the karma challenges you. Overcome the conflicts and take care of your parents! If you succeed in doing this, you are well on the way to solving your karma task.

What does it take to resolve active karma?

First of all, you need to understand the task that has been set in order to solve active karma. When you see the deeper meaning in the experience, it is important to reflect on it. Realize what it takes to realign your behavior or your feelings. This requires a little courage but also wisdom. Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again in the future.

How do I know that I have resolved the karma?

You may have another experience that reminds you of your old karma topic. You can think of it like a test the universe asks you to do. Have you recognized your karma and reflected? If so, you will not repeat your mistakes in the future. When your karma task is completely resolved, the life theme will not come back into life either.

But remember that in many cases the resolution of karma does not take two weeks. That depends on how big the task is and how far you have developed emotionally. There are karma issues that cannot be resolved in one lifetime. It’s not tragic. It is much more important that you basically concern with the karma task. It is a step forward when you have completed part of your karma task. If you think your karma is active, consider working on it. You can also get professional help for this. Spiritual life coaches and karma experts are good candidates for this.

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