Are you someone with a family looking to find a dog breed that is friendly, kid-friendly, affectionate, and also with easy-going temperaments? If you are, then you are in luck because this article has been drawn up to compile a list of six of the best dog breeds suited for families.

Several dog breeds make great family dogs. However, some might be more suited for homes and families that are situated in the suburban areas. So, it’s best to know the particular breed you want and the one that is most conducive for your environment. You can check this website for more on choosing a dog for the home or you can check for pets that bring good luck to your family.

We have compiled a list of 6 dog breeds that are very well suited for families and children:

1. Labrador Retriever

This breed is, without a doubt, the most popular dog breeds in the US. The reason for this feat is because of the enduring, friendly, and trainable attribute it possesses. The Labrador retriever is exceptionally versatile, performing several things, including tracking, hunting, and showing. This is a pet suited for any family living in either the suburban or urban area.

It has a friendly and outgoing personality making it conducive for a home where there are other dogs. It also sheds minimally and does this regularly, which makes it easy to groom. The Labrador retriever is a large breed measuring up to 22.5- 24.5 inches in height and weighing up to 65-80 pounds for males. A female on average will measure up to 21.5 -23.5 inches in height, and weight will be around 55-75 pounds.

2. Bulldog          

This particular dog breed will make a great companion for seniors and children and are very well suited for families. They are very distinct and can adapt to any environment and even challenging atmospheres. They are very loyal and usually love spending time with their families.

They have a calm, courageous, and friendly personality, allowing them comfort amid other pets. They tend to shed seasonally and need weekly grooming to keep them looking neat and attractive.

The bulldog measures up to 14-15 inches in height and weighs about 50 pounds for a male. At the same time, a female, on average, would measure up to 40 pounds.

3. Beagle


The Beagle is a unique dog breed. They are compact, easy to train, and intelligent, making them a very excellent pet for the family.

They are friendly, cheerful, and curious and have a very active energy level. They are also good with children and comfortable amongst other pets. They shed seasonally and need weekly grooming to keep them looking attractive and healthy. 

On average, the Beagle measures up to 13-14 inches in size and weighs about 30 pounds for both males and females. The link here has more details about the Beagle breed of dogs. 

4. Collie

Collies are well renowned for their herding skills. They are a very loyal companion, affectionate, responsive, and quick, making them best suited for a very active family. They are good with children but would need supervision when amid other pets. They seasonally shed and would need grooming occasionally to retain its attractiveness.

 A male Collie measures up to 24-26 inches in height and weighs about 60-75 pounds. In comparison, a female measures up to 22-24 inches in height and weighs about 50-65 pounds.

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5. Pug

The Pug is a very loving dog breed. Though small in size, a pug requires no cuddling and has a roguish appearance that makes all family members attracted to it. Pugs love spending time with their families and very comfortable in small homes.

They have charming even-tempered and loving personalities. They are good with children, and with supervision, tolerant of other pets. 

They shed regularly and need weekly grooming to keep them looking attractive and healthy. The average height of a pug is about 10-13 inches and weighs about 14-18 pounds for both the male and female species.

6. Golden Retriever

This canine breed is well-loved and enjoyed by families. They are a classic family pet welcomed by everyone in the home because of their gentle temperaments and fantastic resourcefulness. They are a good-natured breed, making them one of the most popular dog breeds in the US, making them a good choice for American homes. 

A golden retriever might not necessarily be the best guard dog because of its gentle temperaments, but still would make a challenge to anyone that comes in the way of its family. There are known to have low barks and also do not have bad breaths. They are fun to play with and are fond of retrieving items, just as their name suggests.

A male Golden Retriever’s average height and weight are 23- 24 inches and 60 -75 pounds. For females, it is about 21.5-22.5 inches in height, and in weight, 55-65 pounds.

Final Note

So there you have it, six of the friendliest and easy going dog breeds perfect for the family. You may want to research further on their temperaments and abilities to know which one is best for your home.

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