When someone is involved in a serious car accident, they may not be aware of the extent of their injuries right away. Shock often covers the symptoms of injuries, and some injuries may not show outward signs immediately. With this guide, car accident victims will learn about six injuries that may not show symptoms right away.

What Is a Delayed Injury?

Car accident victims may need a lawyer if their injuries are serious. Unfortunately, due to delayed onset of symptoms, a person may not know they have been injured until hours or even days later.

Delayed injuries are injuries that do not show immediate symptoms. Sometimes, a car accident victim walks away from an accident feeling fine. They do not realize they have underlying injuries right away, which is why it is so important to seek medical care immediately even in the absence of symptoms.

Six Delayed Injuries That Can Occur with Car Accidents

Because some injuries may not show up right away, individuals need to be proactive after a car accident. Medical professionals recommend car accident victims receive a thorough examination after an accident. A person may not realize they have serious injuries without imaging studies.

1. Back Pain

The back is a part of the body that is commonly injured after a car accident. After the serious impact of a car accident, individuals can suffer from whiplash, disc herniation, and soft tissue injuries of the back.

2. Neck Pain

Neck injuries are common after a car accident. The neck is the most vulnerable part of the spine. When it is thrown violently forward and backward during an accident, whiplash is often the result. If a person suffers from neck pain that is not related to whiplash injuries, they could have spinal cord damage.

3. Headaches

Many people suffer from headaches after a serious car accident. If a person’s head made contact with any part of the vehicle during the accident, it is important to seek immediate medical care. Headaches can often be the result of head injuries and should not be ignored.

4. Abdominal Pain

A person who has been in a serious car accident may begin experiencing abdominal pain. Sometimes, this is a sign of serious internal bleeding. Internal bleeding requires immediate medical attention.

5. Numbness & Tingling

Neck and back injuries can cause a person to experience numbness and tingling. Car accident victims often feel the sensation of pins and needles in their extremities.

6. Behavioral Changes

Subtle changes in behavior are often overlooked after a car accident, but they can signal brain injuries have occurred. It is important car accident victims report any changes in behavior to their doctor right away.

Seeking Medical Care Is Essential

Because a person does not feel pain or see physical injuries right away, they may put off seeking medical care. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous. Ideally, everyone should receive a medical examination after an accident to be sure they do not have any hidden injuries.

Car Accident Victims Must Protect Their Health

A car accident victim must do everything possible to protect their health after an accident. Seeking medical care is essential. It is also wise for a victim to consult with a lawyer so they can determine their rights and how to pursue fair compensation. A lawyer becomes an advocate for their injured client and fights for their client’s rights through the process of seeking compensation.

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