You might not have heard of seamless rolled rings before, but chances are you’ve seen them in action. Seamless rolled rings are used in a wide variety of products that people use every day, as well as several industrial machines. If you look around, chances are you’ve got a product in your house that uses seamless rolled rings.

Seamless rolled ring manufacturing is incredibly important because of all the uses for seamless rolled rings. These rings need to be made to exact specifications to fit their intended purpose, which means finding a good supplier is crucial. Here are six of the most common uses for seamless rolled rings.

What Are Seamless Rolled Rings?

In a sense, seamless rolled rings are exactly what they sound like: rings of metal with no seam that connects the two ends of the ring. These rings are created by heating up a large piece of steel, then punching a hole out of the center. The outer disc is then flattened down to the desired height, at which point the rolled ring is finished, tested, and sent off to a manufacturer to be made into anything from gear blanks to bearings.

1. Gear Manufacturing

Gear manufacturing is one of the most common uses for seamless rolled rings. Seamless rolled rings can easily be made into gear blanks, which can be further machined to become gears. This process plays an important role in tons of different industries, from the manufacturing of cars to industrial machinery and more.

Seamless rolled rings are perfect for gear manufacturing because they can be made to precise specifications, and they’re durable. These rings are trusted for some of the most demanding applications in the world, which makes them a crucial part of so many industries. 

2. Generating Power

Back in the day, we simply generated power by any means necessary without worrying about the consequences. Since then, we’ve learned a lot about how certain methods of power generation affect the environment, which has led to a switch to more sustainable methods of generating power. Seamless rolled rings are used in a wide variety of power generating equipment, from windmills to the equipment used in nuclear power plants and hydroelectric dams.

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to generating power, which means precisely machined rolled rings are critical. Some of the biggest sustainable power companies in the world depend on companies like Cliffe Metal Products, Inc. for seamless rolled ring manufacturing.

3. Wind Turbines

There are several drawbacks to many of the sustainable power sources we’ve discovered over the years, but wind turbines have proven to be one of the most effective means of sustainably generating power. Seamless rolled rings are used in the bearings that allow wind turbines to work their magic, and those rolled rings have to be high quality to keep the cost of generating power at a minimum.

You don’t need to look far to see the impact that wind turbines are having on the world. When you consider that these turbines can’t work without seamless rolled rings, it’s easy to understand why this is one of the most important sectors of the manufacturing industry.

4. Aviation

Seamless rolled rings are commonly used in the aviation industry, which says a lot about their importance. The aviation industry is all about precision manufacturing; every part has to be made to exact specs in order for each flight to go as planned. Aviation experts trust seamless rolled rings to get the job done when it comes to things like jet engines and helicopter rotor assemblies.

There’s no room for error in the aviation industry, which means you can count on suppliers like Cliffe Metal Products, Inc. who supply seamless rolled rings for aviation purposes.

5. Aerospace

As science progresses and humans look for more ways to expand their world, space exploration is becoming a big industry. As you might expect by now, seamless rolled rings are also an important component in a lot of aerospace engineering. When major aerospace companies need the best parts for their aircraft, they count on seamless rolled rings to stand the test of time and get the job done. Whether these rings are used for a bearing, an essential engine component or some other piece of an aircraft, they need to be made to exact specs in order for everything to go as planned.

6. Oil & Gas

Despite constant efforts to find new ways to create energy for the planet, it’s going to be a while before we can stop using oil and gas as energy sources. Not only are oil and gas used in place of electricity in many homes throughout the world, but they’re also crucial components in the automobiles that most people drive.

The oil and gas industries depend on seamless rolled rings for many things, from offshore drilling equipment to processing equipment and more. Seamless rolled rings are also used to manufacture onshore oil drilling equipment, as well as storage and refining equipment. Just about every aspect of the oil and gas industry depends on seamless rolled rings in one way or another.

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If seamless rolled rings play an important role in your industry, it’s important to know a good seamless rolled ring supplier. You want a supplier who’s certified, delivers on time and manufactures and tests quality seamless rolled rings. The good news is, Cliffe Metal Products, Inc. is the easy answer. We manufacture seamless rolled rings of all shapes and sizes for any application, and we make sure everything gets delivered right on time. Contact us today to find out more about our products or place an order today.

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