6 Essential HRM Portal Elements to Incorporate for Efficient Usage


To establish an excellent HR portal, you must select an HR software with the best features. A typical excellent HRM portal allows seamless access to the organisation’s information. It features a user-friendly interface, adequate integration capacity, robust portal security, and 24/7 support options.

What is an HR Portal?

An HR portal allows employees to access organised personal and company information conveniently. It is a central online platform accessible to every employee in the company and contains relevant information to guide and keep the company guided.

Many organisations with a distributed workforce, onsite and offsite, have seized the importance of having a good HRM portal. For example, companies that adjusted after the surge in COVID-19 pandemic use the HR portal to keep its workforce connected and in touch.

The internal social platforms of the human resource portal, for instance, keep employees updated and enhance virtual workforce connection to handle projects seamlessly. When employees stay connected away from the desk, it drives innovation and keeps them engaged.

Most HRM system providers integrate portals capable of one-stop-shop functionality, which provides employees with the needed information and the opportunity to voice out.

6 Essential HRM Portal Elements

What are the essential elements to feature on your HRMS portal? Below are the essential HRM portal elements:

Fun Functions

While the employee works, it is important to accommodate fun activities integrated on the HR portal. The integrated fun solutions should support multiple users, such that employees can challenge each other. Fun activities on the portal are important, especially regarding the social distancing laws that keep people from gathering.

Moreover, you can integrate news about celebrations and online socials on the HR portal to keep employees informed.

Complex or difficult fun functions can bore employees. Make sure to create interactive features to encourage employees to participate. It must have the option for hosts and guests to be employed together.

Social Connect

Do you have employees working as outsource partners for several projects? By integrating the social connect option, the offshore people can connect with others via the HR portal. This functionality creates a decent work culture, and it gives the offshore workers the sensation that they belong in the company since they can connect with the organisation virtually.

Moreover, social intranet tools allow a company to direct its focus on employees without cutting off social media use. It mitigates an employee’s social media usage during the working hours, which improves productivity and quality. In essence, the social connect feature brings a sense of belonging and responsibility among employees to create an excellent work ethos.

Company Values

Corporate company values are essential elements to host on the HR portal. It is an easy way to keep employees guided on the company principles. The company value section on the portal must be stationed in an easily-viewable area for recruits to find easily.

Makes sure not to limit the company corporate values to a boring list; otherwise, it affects how employees perceive your company. Create an interactive feature that allows employees to review the policies or even share their challenges coping with the development. Also, provide the option for the employee to stay anonymous or public.

FAQs Tab

It would be best if you had a simple FAQs tab on the human resource portal that answers the relevant information regarding the organisation. Typically, you must feature HR-related questions asked by employees recurrently.

The answers provided must be easy to understand, and the FAQs section must be updated regularly or when necessary. You may integrate interactive features, including allowing employees to suggest questions.

Hosting live FAQ sessions can help the company to discover new question begging answers in the organisation. Furthermore, responses must be fast, and no employee should be man-hunted for any question.

Company Handbook Section

Before recruits resume their roles, the company handbook is one of the first gifts from the company. It could be in a printed form, or the company may refer the recruit to the HR portal. Absorbing the information may be challenging, and employees may lose their handbook.

So, a mobile cloud-hosted company handbook simplifies how employees and recruits access the information. If the staff forgets the information, they can revisit the softcopy via the portal. It would be best if you implemented convenient measures such as the search option to allow employees to search specific handbook information faster.

Available Internal Jobs Dashboard

Most modern HR software features options for finding specific skills within the organisation before looking outside. Instead of spending on ad campaigns to shop for the workforce, this HR portal element can discover the talent in your company.

On the portal dashboard, create alerts for the new skill demand or vacancy. Existing members with the desired skills that intend to take on the new role can fill the vacancy, which saves cost. It will help if you encourage employees to inform professionals within their network that may be willing to fill the vacancy.

The feature should allow employee recommendations and incentives may be rewarded after the successful recruitment.

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