Most people often don’t like to have the same clothes with other people. And it is the same with scents. Most of the time, we want our scent to be unique. We want to have our own trademark. And this is where Niche Fragrances brands come into play. These fragrances have their own distinctive artisanal scent that can’t be found with the traditional perfumes. And believe it or not, the sales of niche fragrances are on top of traditional ones already. And if you are already curious about the 6 of the world’s most niche fragrance brands, here are they:

Atelier Bloem

Atelier Bloem offers unisex niche fragrances. Their house of perfume offers unique scents of colognes. Their scents are mostly ideal for the warm weather. They offer a zesty selection of fragrances that are intelligently mixed with essential oils and raw elements. Their products are sold at Fragrance 365. If you are itching to get an Atelier Bloem, you better buy  it online.

1614 Eau de Parfum offers a new floral scent that is both sweet and zesty. It has a mixture of swirling scent of jasmine, clover, pepper, and citrus. This scent will surely bring out the summer out of anyone who will wear it.

William Eau de Parfum is infused with orange blossom. It is definitely a must have for the warm weather. It is derived from the Dutch History known as the House of Orange.


Byredo is pretty famous in Instagram. A lot of Instagram users have been posting this lately. This is the Swedish fragrance that has captured the fashion world in a blink of an eye. It offers scents that will surely match anyone’s personality.

Bibliotheque Eau de Parfum is Byredo’s best-seller. And because of the world-wide patronage for this scent, it became a limited-edition perfume by Byredo. It offers layers of vanilla and leather that are mixed together with plum, peony, and patchouli. It is indeed a cult fragrance that will certainly intoxicate you with niche fragrances.

D.S. & Durga

If you are looking for something extraordinary, why don’t you try D.S. & Durga. This unique perfume hails from Brooklyn. D.S. is a musician and writer while Durga is a branding guru. Together, these two self-taught perfumers created a brand that produced aroma that can conjure the fantastical worlds. Fragrance aficionados will certainly not be disappointed by their works. Debase is one of their most sought product. It is a mixture of bergamot, coconut milk, green leaf, and blond woods. The fruity and fresh scent will truly captivate your Pixie spirit.  

Frederic Malle

Frederic Malle is a Parisian Svent House. It triumphed the beauty industry in the year 2000. Malle’s cult fragrance is an art that is made of high-quality ingredients. The scents are inspired by romantic tales/ The feminine blends on the other hand will surely turn heads

Laboratory Perfumes

Laboratory perfumes were just launched five years ago but despite of that, they have become industry favorites. The scents were inspired by British countryside. The sophisticated fragrances of Laboratory perfumes are modern and clean. It is suited for both female and male taste. Laboratory perfumes also use apothecary styled glasses which make it more nostalgically captivating and alluring. Truly, it smells and looks like a laboratory’s well concocted recipe of scents.

Le Labo

Le Labo is a New Yorker Brand. It leans towards the masculine scents. It also has a small collection that has been concocted for the most iconic figures of the industry. Their physical shops offer freshly blended scents but you can also order their masterpieces online.

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