Transporting your car from one location to another can be quite a hassle. Luckily for you, many different companies offer the service of transporting your vehicle for you. This can be done through trailer, freight, or flown cargo. 

However, it is important to know that each car shipping company will offer you a different rate for their service. This is because all companies are different and are competitors trying to get more customers for themselves.

So how do you know if the company is the right one for you to pick? It’s hard, but here are six things you should consider when picking the right company to book your car transport with.

Their Website

A website can say a lot about the company or individual that is offering you the service. For one, customers will often leave reviewers about how their service was and how well you can expect to be handled. This shows a form of a testimonial, that states how well the company performed. 

Secondly, if it’s a professional website, it should be able to answer many of your questions or give you a way to contact a representative. This representative should be well educated in their service, how they can help you, and what service they can offer you. The website should also display the ideal pricing amounts or give you some kind of calculator or way to request a quote. Again, if it does not it would most likely recommend you to speak with a representative.

The website is often the first meeting for many of the potential customers when they learn of the company. Thus the website should offer great information without a cost, and try to best assist you in any way possible. If not, then it could be a scam or be less than adequate for your goals 

The Pricing Of The Service

Pricing can say a lot about the company. Some places may overprice while some may underprice, it all depends on the company, how much business they get, and how professional they may be. It is still something to always keep in mind.

If a company is offering a low low price, they may skip on insurance, or they may not be as efficient as you think, like shipping, a vehicle does involve gas, condition of the vehicle, and much more for the transport. Vise versa, if the company offers too high of a price they may be an expensive service that overcharges hoping to make more money from the customer rather than help them.

In this sense you want to pay attention to prices and offers, also try to get a free quote. You can always look at different companies, compare their price and service, making sure they will get you what you want or need at the price suitable to you. 

Ensure They Are Insured

The last thing you want is for your vehicle to get damaged while on the transfer. Because face it, you probably don’t have the extra cash sitting around to help in case any damages occur to your vehicle. 

Most companies will offer some kind of insurance to you, but it is still a great idea to check if they are insured in the first place. With this insurance, they will help to cover any damages that may take place during the process of shipping your vehicle to your new location. This takes some stress off of you, as you don’t have to worry about what to do if your car gets damaged somehow. 

Timing Of Booking

The timing in which you want your car to be delivered is a big factor for price and what all can be done. Ideally, you’d want to be able to book this process as soon as possible, so that way you have weeks to a month in advance for planning things out or getting other things done.

However, this is not always the case as life has many events causing things to not be clear. This means that you’ll often find out about having to ship your car much more closer to the date you need to be there than having months of time ahead. This plays a part in changing the cost of the service, and how fast they can get your car to you. 

Get Your Questions Answered

Just like how you should check a website to see how serious and legit the company is, you will also want to ensure all questions you have are reliably answered. A representative should be able to answer all of your questions clearly and to the point. If they can’t they should at least be able to direct you to someone who can. 

If that all fails, and no one is able to answer your questions, about the date, time cost, or service, then you may want to seek another company. Each company should be professionals that have done this service many times, meaning that should have answers to the multiple questions you will have for this process. 

Plan For Pick-Up and Delivery

Timing is important. Not just the time you want to ship your vehicle and how long it will take, but also the time you will pick up and deliver your car to the porter service. There are many moving parts involved in taking a vehicle from one part of the country and transporting it to another. So oftentimes, when you are given a date and time to drop off or pick up your car, you should meet it.

Now, it is known that there may be delays in these times, as there is always traffic or other situations that may halt the progress of moving your vehicle. While keeping these in mind, the communication between customer and company should be very clear about when and where the car will be dropped off, picked up, and how it will be delivered.

Picking The Best Company For You

Picking The Best Company For You

There are many different companies that off you the ability to ship your car from one place to another. While each company is different and there are lots of options, you should always look at some key points when considering which one to trust with your vehicle. 

Some of the most important things to view when choosing a company would be their website, pricing, insurance, how they answer your questions, and for you to plan the time of your booking, pick up, and drop off to ensure a great and easy delivery.


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