6 Types of SSL Certificate You Can Use for Your Website


SSL Certificate is an important part of every website today. It became more essential if you use your website to provide service that many people used for transactions or sharing their personal information. In short, with a good and correct SSL certificate type, you can provide the best experience for your website visitor. It is a good way to attract more people to visit your website. If you use your website for selling your product or service, it also increases your sales. Now, what is your option for the SSL certificate?

SSL Certificate Type

Currently, you can choose among 6 types of SSL certificates available. They are:

  • Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL)  

This is the best and most expensive type you can get. When you use this type of SSL, your website will display the name of that website owner, which is you. Furthermore, there is also a symbol of the padlock and it also uses HTTPS in front of your website domain. Other information also can be displayed, such as country origin, business/company name, and others, on the browser of the visitor. With all kinds of this information, it will distinguish your website from a malicious website. In short, your website will be seen as a trusted and safe website to visit. This SSL is perfect for you who collect personal information from your visitor or a website where a transaction is being held.

  • Organization Validated Certificates (OV SSL)

This is similar to the EV SSL, where it will validate the safety of a website. This SSL also displays similar information to EV SSL. The only difference is the price. OV SSL is the second-expensive SSL certificate you can use. Mostly, a commercial website must have this SSL, as on that website, the customer will share their personal information for the online transaction. To acquire this SSL, you need to take several test and validation that proves you are the owner of the domain name, where you want to install this SSL to.  

  • Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)

We can call this SSL as the standard SSL you can use for a blog or website. It has low assurance. Compared to the previous two, this one also uses minimal encryption. When you install it on your website, it only shows the padlock symbol and HTTPS. The requirement to get the validation with DV SSL is also much easier and faster than EV and OV. In short, this is the most basic SSL certificate you can use. If you plan to use your website or blog for personal use, such as writing stories or other content, you can use this SSL. However, if you plan to create a platform for online business, we recommend you to use the better one.

  • Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL certificate is a type of SSL certificate that you can use to cover the main domain and several domain names. So, by purchasing one of Wildcard SSL certificates, you also can protect the subdomain of your main website. For example, if you use the “example.com” domain for your main website, with the Wildcard SSL, you also can protect the subdomain of that website, such as “text.example.com”,”download.example.com” and such. This is maybe a cheap solution you can use. Rather than purchasing several SSL certificates, you can just use this one, and use it for your domain and its subs.

  • Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

Just like its name stated, this SSL certificate will cover multiple domains. You can even use it for 100 different domain names at once. However, if you don’t have that many domains to cover, it would be better to use other types (single protection type). 

  • Unified Communication Certificates (UCC)

 This is similar to Multi-domain SSL certificates. There is almost no difference. It is originally a system to protect Microsoft Exchange and Live Communications Server. However, now, you can use it for a website and blog. You can even get the EV version for this certificate.

That’s all. Now, you know the type of SSL Certificate you can get for your website. Choose one that matches your preference and website needs. That way you will get the best protection from it.


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