It’s amazing when summer rolls around and the days get longer and brighter. However, if you’re stuck inside working from home all day, it can feel like you never see the sun! There are a number of ways you can add more light back into your home, leaving it feeling more open and refreshing.

Here are six ways to make your home brighter and more inviting, so you can enjoy the summer months.

1. Full Circle Lighting

Using full circle lighting is an amazing way to immediately brighten a room. Lighting makes a huge difference to the way any room looks. Installing lots of lighting is useful if your room doesn’t have many windows to let in the natural light, or during the winter months when the days are shorter.

Placing your lighting to face the ceiling or walls is a great technique to increase the amount of light being reflected back into the room.

2. Avoid Covering the Windows

This sounds like an obvious one, but make sure you’re not covering your windows up. Placing your coach next the window, or putting your favourite plant on the window sill can remove the amount of natural light that can enter the room. This makes your home darker even on the sunniest of days.

Similarly, if you have large opaque curtains across the windows, they can block any natural light. Swap them for lighter, more translucent windows covers to keep the room bright and inviting.

3. Place Mirrors Near the Windows

Not only are mirrors great to add style to your home, but they also reflect the natural lighting coming into a room, making it appear bigger. Placing mirrors near to the windows multiples the light that is already flowing into the room. They are great to add in corridors to make them appear more spacious.

4. Add Candles to Your Room

Candles add ambience to any room. They also create a lovely glow that can brighten your room all by themselves. They are great to place in your living room to flicker in the background as you relax in the evenings. Their therapeutic appearance makes them perfect to place in your bathroom when you want to wind down after a hard day. Grab some scented candles to brighten your home and leave it smelling amazing.

5. Paint the Walls White

White walls reflect natural light, making the room look bigger and more open. Painting your walls in this bright colour can immediately brighten any dark areas within your home. If you don’t fancy an all-white room, you can add an accent wall that features a bold colour or patterned wallpaper.

6. Use an Open Plan Design

If you’ve got the room in your home, try opening it up. You can redesign your kitchen, living room, or entrance hall into open plan areas to make your home brighter and more inviting.


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