Have you always viewed flying in a private jet plane as a frivolous luxury?

Now that COVID-19 has devastated the commercial airline industry, it might be time to reconsider your options. Consider the following facts:

  • TSA screenings have dropped from 2 million people daily to 100,000 
  • The number of scheduled flights has dropped by 58%
  • Many flights are only carrying 5-15% of their normal passenger load

The airlines will eventually recover (we hope), but it’s safe to say that the way people travel will forever change after the pandemic. Experts believe the private jet sector will bounce back quickly and become more popular than ever before.

Will you consider flying on a private jet plane? Here are 7 reasons it’s the best way to travel.

Benefits of Flying on a Small Private Plane

Speed, efficiency, and luxury are just a few of the perks you’ll enjoy on a private jet. Let’s take a closer look at each benefit.

1. Fly on Your Schedule

How often have you rolled out of bed at 3 AM to catch that super-early flight? Even worse, how many times have you been stuck on a red-eye flight that leaves you exhausted when you land?

Airlines run on fixed timetables, meaning you have to fit your life into their schedule. This could mean leaving at an inconvenient hour or even arriving a day earlier or later than you need to.

Contrast that with the convenience of booking a private jet. You’re the one in control of when you leave and where you land.

Is your business meeting running late? No problem—the plane will wait for you. Need to land in Providence instead of Boston? Your pilot can make the adjustment mid-flight.

2. Waste Less Time

If you fly from Newark airport on a Monday, you’re likely to wait an hour in the security line. That doesn’t include your time getting to the airport, checking in for your flight, or walking to the gate.

Let’s not even mention the time wasted if your flight is delayed or canceled. We’ve all spent hours sitting in a plastic airport chair and know how miserable it can be.

Now imagine rolling up to a private jet hangar with nothing but open tarmac in front of you. There are no check-in lines and minimal (if any) security. Nor will you have to wait to collect your luggage at your destination.

In terms of speed and efficiency, a private jet plane wins every time.

3. Unparalleled Comfort

Don’t get us wrong—there are some very posh first-class commercial airline options out there. But no matter how fancy they are, they still can’t compare with the comfort level aboard a private plane.

Whether you’re negotiating a business deal or catching up on sleep, you’ll have all the space you need. Even the tiniest private jets leave plenty of room to stretch out and get comfortable.

Forget standing in line for the lavatory or drowning out the noise from other passengers as you try to sleep. Some private plane interiors may even feature fully-equipped bathrooms, luxury furnishings, or a master bedroom suite.

You won’t find that on any commercial plane!

4. 5-Star Food & Amenities

Airline food has gotten (somewhat) better over the years, but it’s rarely a memorable experience.

“I’d really like to have that airplane steak again,” said no one—ever.

Even the menu options in first-class can’t compare with the level of customization you can get on a private jet. Whether you want champagne and lobster or spicy Szechuan chicken, you’re in control of everything you eat and drink on board.

You’ll also have the latest technology at your fingertips, from in-flight Wifi to flatscreen televisions.

5. Ensure Your Privacy

One of the biggest reasons we’re seeing a surge in jet plane services after COVID-19 is the total privacy it affords.

Why share your flight with 200 strangers when you can enjoy your own private airspace? You can fly solo, bring your friends or family, or host your business partners on a private flight.

The privacy is also a perk if you’re discussing sensitive information for business or personal reasons. No one else will be around to eavesdrop!

6. Avoid Commercial Airline Fees

Is there anything commercial airlines aren’t charging for these days?

From seat selection to checked luggage to soft drinks, we’re all getting nickeled and dimed to death when we fly. A lot of airlines are even charging for carry-on bags!

When you charter a private flight, you’ll rest easy knowing there won’t be any hidden fees or charges. ($3 for a can of Coke. Seriously?)

Most private jet companies operate on a fixed hourly rate that’s all-inclusive. This makes it easier to plan and stick to your traveling budget.

7. More Landing Options

A final perk of flying private is the airport options that become available to you.

Because commercial jets are so large, they’re generally limited to landing in major airports in big cities. If you’re planning a ski trip to Aspen, for example, you’d have to fly into Denver and then drive another 4-5 hours to reach your destination.

But since private planes are smaller, they’re able to land on smaller runways at smaller airports. You can land at your destination instead of nearby, saving you the time and frustration of commuting overland.

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane (But We’ll Be Back Again)

We don’t know about you, but all this talk of private jet planes is making us want to book a flight.

You can fly on your schedule without wasting unnecessary time inside the airport. You’ll also avoid those annoying commercial airline fees while opening opportunities to land at smaller airports.

Perhaps the best perks, though, are the luxuries you’ll enjoy onboard. After such a private, comfortable experience, you may never go back to commercial planes again! Where will you go on your next jet plane adventure? Check out our recent travel posts for inspiration.

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