With Panerai’s unique style, elegance, and large case size, there is no doubt why it is considered one of the hottest brands available today. It was founded by Giovanni Panerai in Florence, Italy, in 1860 and was first located at the classical Ponte Alle Grazie bridge. Then 30 years later, it was relocated to Piazza San Giovanni when his grandson Guido took over the business.

They always ensure producing a watch with the highest quality and modifying the movements until it is beautifully finished. So it is not surprising how the brand’s timepieces are quite expensive. And having such higher prices is what makes Panerai timepieces considered a status symbol and ultimate collection for most watch collectors. If you want to buy and invest in one of the best timepieces they have, we have listed here the best seven models they offer. To know more, check the information below.

1. Luminor Due

Although Luminor Due is the number one collection of Panerai Watch trends of large cases, the brand has decided to slim down the size to 4.2mm, a bit tiny by Panerai’s proportions. This model is designed and made from the brand’s very own Goldtech material. An 18k gold is perfectly matched with copper and platinum to add more intense color to the timepiece’s overall appearance. You’ll have the option to get this watch in a black dial, but we do recommend opting for a white-model as it better complements the gold coloring.

2. Radiomir GMT 

This Radiomir GMT comes with a very stunning appearance and features with its blue dial. The brand purposely decided to make the outer part of the dial darker compared to its inner portion to help to prove that the watchmakers are reliable and trustworthy in their works. 

Its feature, A GMT hand (the one with a more characterized arrowhead), shows the time in a subsequent time zone, alongside the am/pm sign on the sub-dial at 9 o’clock. It’s even powered by the brand’s P.4001 in-house caliber. This timepiece also flaunts a three-day reserve, alongside a marker for remaining power, readable through the open case back. The 45mm case is done in AISI 316L treated steel, picked for its anti-corrosive properties. 

3. Submersible Goldtech

A submersible collection was once introduced as Luminor. Still, the brand has broken out this model to have its own identity and family. But it still has the appearance and materials of Luminor, such as its crown protector and cushion-shaped case. However, what makes you recognize its own unique identity is it does hiding the OP XXXIV. 

The Richemont group (Panerai’s parent organization) was the one who made and designed its movement to Panerai’s details, so you have the chance of getting the standard 3-day power save. The Italian watchmaker has had considerably more information with the differentiating colored materials and wearable-by-Panerai ultimate standards of .42mm case. 

4. Radiomir GMT Power Reserve 

This model is very similar to Panerai’s Radiomir GMT featured on the second list. The only difference between the latter and this timepiece is that the previous model demonstrates the power reserved through the open case back. In contrast, this Power Reserve model shows it on the dial instead. Otherwise, they are literally of the same watch. Instead of having P.4001 in the Radiomir GMT movement, this model changed its movement to P.4002. What makes it more surprising is that Panerai originally made it out of its sibling (Radiomir GMT ). But still, it manages to be one of the company’s slimmest watches at 4.8mm.

5. Luminor Luna Rossa Chrono Flyback 

The next top pick on the list is the timepiece from Luna Rossa Chrono Flyback. It was purposely created and designed to celebrate Panerai’s partnership with the Italian Luna Rossa America’s Cup yacht racing team. Having a great feature of a similar black, red and white color scheme as the yacht and implications from the P.9100 type. This is Panerai’s first-ever Panerai’s automatic movement with a chronograph work. The flyback work additionally implies the timepiece can be restarted without the need to stop it first. Include a 3-day power save, and you have one attractive and truly reliable watch. 

6. Luminor Base Logo

This timepiece is another model from the collection of Panerai’s Luminor watches. Still, this one represents the entry-level point into the brand’s world. Until 2018, this model had relied on a third-party movement, but it was all changed when the company decided to use a hand-wound P.6000 in-house caliber with a three-day power reserve. 

You don’t get the sandwich dial design of more costly models. Therefore, the luminous material is instead painted onto hands and markers, which might be a dealbreaker for some Panerai enthusiasts. Perhaps having a 44m watch for a smidge with a price of more than $7,000 is an excellent value for other people.

7. Submersible Chrono

The last pick on the list is once again from the collections of the Submersible family. This model comes with a huge size of 47mm, and no one can deny it. But now, the company decided to produce this watch as light as possible. You’ll notice that this timepiece’s overall design is inspired by the Radiomir Panerai, a watch designed for the Egyptian Navy in 1956, even though this vintage watch has a big size of 60mm. Similar to Luminor Luna Rossa, this model uses the P.9100, which you’ll see that its chronograph function is activated by way of two pushers on the left side.

In a Nutshell 

Panerai watches have gotten an exceptional place among the luxurious watches in the market because of their innovative materials, high-quality build, and overall aesthetic style. It is recognized as the truly iconic watch of all time. The brand’s timepieces are considered a worthy investment to most watch buyers and collectors across the globe. So if you’re planning to buy and invest for your timepiece, opting for Panerai’s s timepieces is all worth it. You can check this out by visiting The Watch Company as they have a lot to offer.

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