Do you know the number of thefts that occurs when your garage door is left open? Somebody can steal your Audi A6, and you wouldn’t even know it!

This is the type of risk you would love to avoid. Check out our provider of best garage door repair in Prescott AZ. Because the door is where it all starts! Who wouldn’t want to save their car and all its expensive belongings? EVERYBODY!

Although there are 7 most common garage door hassles we go through every day. But do we know how to tackle these 7 problems? Let’s dig deep!

The Garage Door Open Failure

Nothing is more frustrating than the half-opened garage door. The faulty doors either don’t open all the way or completely fail to be opened even a bit. Even when the garage door switch is in good shape, the door doesn’t open. It happens!

You may want to consider cleaning and lubricating tracks and rollers of your door. Don’t underestimate their mechanical faults. If lubrication doesn’t work, replace!

The Garage Door Won’t Close

Have you noted the instance where your garage door jammed in a mid-way? That’s common. Or not even close at all.

You may want to consider checking their safety sensors. They can be a reason for the jamming door. Repair the light switch if necessary and get a clean line of sight for sensors.

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Remote Failure

The heart of your garage system is the remote! So, if the garage door remote is not working, go for its reasons as soon as possible.

Find the following reasons, and act accordingly.

  • Operate remote within the range
  • Replace batteries
  • Replace the remote

Door Reversing

Sometimes the garage door reverses back even before opening or closing completely. This could be the biggest issue of safety. The most common reason can be the auto-reverse function of the system. Or simply, seek the maintenance service specialist.

The Motor Hazards

The motor of your garage system keeps on running even after you have finished parking your car or closed the door. It happens the most with motors. Either get an extraordinary garage motor or get it repaired before you meet with the system completely.

Gate Switch Is Not Working

What if the remote controller is not at your sight or won’t work, where do you head next? The ultimate garage gate switch!

  • Inspect the power supply
  • Check out the fuses
  • Make sure it gets the electric current if requires
  • Call the electrician

Garage Door Is Stuck

Whether in the way of closing or opening, a stuck garage door is the reason for huge annoyance!

It is better to get behind the reason for its stuck nature. The most common reason can be the friction of the trails and rollers. Make sure it’s all the way clean and lubricated.

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You wouldn’t want to skip these 7 daily problems with your garage door. This can be the reason for your disappointment if not taken seriously.

Working garage door keeps your car healthy!

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