With the winter season roaming right around the corner, anyone would love to stand out in their attractive woolen clothing. You might not even notice it but not just the looks it serves you, also the type of wool you are wearing means a lot! Whether it is pashmina, cashmere, or any other sort of wool, quality matters a lot! You can buy woolen coats from VIKTORIA & WOODS as it is one of the go-to brands excelling in the woolen clothing area, from quality to variety! Getting back to the gist, here are 7 tips to take care of your woolen clothes:

Quality Holds Keen Importance:

Never rely on promising vendors about their products being soft and delicate for years! Do your research and go for the best places providing and guaranteeing you with the best quality wool. Some of the most recommended ones include pashmina, merino, and cashmere. You do not want rashes on your beautiful skin, especially when it’s winter! Also, you should spend on what is best for you. No one wants to spend on something that destroys after the first wash.

Use Mild Detergent:

Powder detergents are usually hard on fabrics, especially when it’s wool. Hence, try avoiding the powdered detergents and get yourself liquid detergents specifically available for woolen fabrics.

Wash Before You Store:

Once the winters are done, make sure you wash each of your woolen cloth and store it dry for the next season. You do not want your precious clothes to smell bad whenever you open the cabinet.

Say No-No To Hangers:

Once you wash your woolen clothes, prefer not to dry them on a hanger. This loosens the grip of the fabric and destroys the shape of your sweaters or cardigans since they have the tendency to stretch post-wash. Instead, try spreading them on a flat surface and let them dry by themselves. Once done, roll or fold them, and store them safely.

Solution For Odor:

Your woolen and knitwear might end up producing a mild odor. Do not panic when you are planning to wear them at your weekend party. Just spread them out in sunlight for a little while and let the smell leave on its own. This tendency of producing odor is not only in our woolen clothing but also in the regular cotton clothing we use. You can try the same trick on them since the sunlight also kills bacterias.

One Of The Most Common Issues- Shrinking!

Washing your favorite clothing and finding out that it shrunk is one of the most prevalent problems. Not a worry! Take lukewarm water, put fabric softener in it, and soak the garment in it. It will relax the fibers of your clothing and surprise you!

Buy The Color That Suits You:

With the growing popularity of soft delicate wool, you always have the variety and different choices available. Hence, you can always find the color that suits you. Go with what you feel comfortable in, and never forget to choose the color that matches your planned outfit.


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