Everyone loves to dream and fantasize about traveling the world, exploring her secrets and seeing her majestic beauty firsthand. It’s on display anywhere you look, in all the movies, the TV shows, beautiful people going to beautiful places. It can be anything you make of it from exhilarating and awesome to miserable and confusing but it is almost never a forgettable experience in your life. For anyone who takes the time to prepare and knows what to prepare for you can stay on the fun side of that spectrum by making sure you take the time to learn a few things and consider a few others ahead of time before your trip. Furthermore, we would like to warn all the travelers who are planning to visit Barcelona this holiday season as it is considered as one of the favorite holiday destinations that Barcelona is Europe’s pickpocketing capital so before you go there make sure to take all the security measures first.

Follow these 7 important safety tips when traveling to stay ahead of trouble instead of getting caught knee-deep in someone else’s backyard.

1. Familiarize yourself with your destination

Everyone plans to visit all the popular tourist attractions but not too many actually do their homework. Research your destination, read traveler reviews, hotel reviews, local restaurant reviews, sign up for a local’s website, and talk to them. You don’t want to be that traveler that doesn’t know what everyone else knows. You caught food poison at Joe’s shop, walk up to a local puking, he laughs and says “everyone knows not to eat at Joe’s”. Do your homework.

2. Keep your family or friends in the loop

It’s crazy how many people in the world think they are special and nothing bad will ever happen to them. Unless of course you have a work from home job, have all your food delivered to you, and never leave your house then nothing bad will ever happen to you but this is the real world. Keep someone in the loop so on the off chance something does happen someone will notice and be able to help in time.

3. Be aware of your surroundings

This follows doing your homework so you know what to keep an eye out for. But just about anywhere you could go there’s a thief waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Don’t get caught up taking a picture with everyone and leave all your belongings twenty feet away. Be aware, be safe, be proactive.

4. Get travel insurance

Most people have a car, home, and auto insurance but neglect to ever purchase travel insurance thinking when they travel “that will never happen to me”. But this is life and life isn’t always fair. This one simple move can make or break your trip, check out this site to know more.

5. Tell your bank where you’re going

Imagine doing everything right, prioritizing safety, and preparing to have a blast. Only to soon find out your bank thinks you’re a thief trying to use its customer’s money and locks you out of your account. For the lucky ones that have a very responsive and quick bank this might not seem like a big deal but not all banks are the same. Save yourself the heart-ache and embarrassment and let them know where you’re going.

6. Know your local laws

While this should’ve been done when you did your homework not everyone thinks about the laws of where they’re going when they visit a destination. Learn the local laws, just because you can drink in public in your country doesn’t mean you can do it in another.

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7. Avoid using public Wifi

I can’t stress this enough but identity theft has become a frequent flyer among thieves. If you can’t get a portable router setup try to avoid checking personal information online like your bank account or using anything with a password when connected via Public Wifi.

It doesn’t matter where you travel around the world, people will fight, people will steal and people will get drunk. With these tips, you will be in a much better position to handle life’s curveballs and continue having fun on your trip.

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