Our world, although very beautiful, is sadly a dangerous place. Whether it is terrorist attacks, cyberattacks, or home break-ins, we remain vulnerable to threats every day. In some ways, technology has made our life easy and open to hazards at the same time. But it has also given us methods to combat these threats that exist today. One of the things that homeowners look forward to is home security. With the innovations, we have not only better communication but also new ways of home protection. Technological developments have allowed us to connect different devices and go beyond computers or smartphones. A new form of security features like biometric locks, encrypted doors, and smart garages makes our living conditions safer. Here we present you with seven innovative technologies that enhance our home security:

Smart Locks

Perhaps the most common and innovative home security function in use today is smart locks. Smart locks act as a replacement for deadbolts that allows you to secure your doors using an app. These locks are an excellent option for people who tend to forget to lock their doors during the night or go out. The geo-fence feature of smart locks allows them to secure their doors remotely even if they are not home. Some of the more advanced versions have a critical virtual facility that gives entry authorization to specific individuals. These virtual keys reprogram themselves every day, so you do not need to leave your keys somewhere for use. Another useful feature is the list of entries that help trace the people who entered the house and marked anyone suspicious.

Security Camera Systems

A security camera system comes in handy in almost every situation, whether robbery, break-ins, or even any paranormal activity. Innovations in security cameras allow live feeds and the option to notify security personnel. Your camera system also enables you to record any paranormal activities if you feel something at your home. You can check https://www.spiritshack.co.uk for more gadgets that you can combine for ghost hunting.

The camera system can run on batteries and connect to a Wi-Fi system for 24/7 availability and cloud saving function or unlimited storage. You can control and monitor the environment from remote locations and on your cellphone or laptop. These are ideal for people who want more camera coverage on the premises but do not want a net of wires hanging everywhere. You can save any suspicious activity as evidence to show it to the concerned person.

Smart Doorbells and Peepholes

Smart doorbells are an advanced and relatively cheaper piece of home security equipment that allows you to answer the bell through an app. You can answer the door even if you are not at home. You can see who is at the door through peephole cameras and communicate using concealed microphones. These smart doorbells prove beneficial for homeowners who have children or people who have a long day of work. The peephole camera allows you to monitor the person closely and refuse entry if they seem suspicious. The best part of these doorbells and cameras is the control through smartphone apps. Besides, the system is very affordable and does not put a hole in your wallet. The system does wonders for your home security and gives you peace of mind knowing you have everything under observation.

Smart Lights

Smart lights give you significant home security and help you deter thieves or burglars. By controlling the lights periodically, you can make your home seem occupied, even if not at home. Smart lights work in combination with a security camera system to capture high-definition live feeds and videos. You can control these lights using smartphone apps to raise or lower illumination for a better view.

Smart lights prove to be a useful measure against burglary, usually when a homeowner is not home. Intelligent lights use LED bulbs to illuminate a large area and make the visibility better for homeowners.

Driveway Alarms

A wireless driveway alarm is an advanced version of motion sensors, thanks to its receiving and sensory function. It immediately alerts homeowners when it senses any movement during odd hours or if someone tries to enter without authorization. It works similar to a smart lock, but instead of doors, it latches on garage doors. A suitable driveway sensor has a 20 feet range and sends immediate signs to a receiver when detecting any motion. The receiver then triggers a soundless alarm that alerts homeowners of any intruder situation.

Window Alarms

Similar to driveway alarms, the window alarms work with the same principle and ideal for first-floor windows. A good quality window alarm has 100 decibels of alarm sounds and has switches to lock the window remotely. You can activate the system according to your convenience whether you want to snooze or go out for a long time. The system can also integrate itself with camera features to give you a clear view of whoever tries to gain entry through windows. After you trigger the security switch, it uses its motion sensor to lock the window immediately.

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Smart Home Assistant System

A smart home assistant system offers home protection by managing all security features effectively. The AI-controlled system detects a person through facial recognition and voice control options to allow entry. The system also monitors through security cameras and reports any suspicious activity to law enforcement through an automated alarming function. Smart home assistant is perhaps the most advanced AI-controlled home security system that gives you adequate protection without any worries.

Few Tips to Maintain Home Security

  • Whenever you can, install smart locks to enhance security. Smart locks provide suitable protection compared to traditional locks and use codes to gain entry. A wrongly entered code triggers an alarm that can scare away an intruder.
  • Your locks and security system become useless if you do not practice good locking habits. Ensure that you and your family exercise good locking habits when you go out or sleep.
  • Besides having a smart security system, have someone check on your home periodically when you are away on vacation or an office trip.
  • Always hide or store your valuables and avoid hiding spare keys in prominent places.

Final Word

In the future, home security technology will continue to improve and give us better options. No matter how smartly you try, you always feel uneasy if you do not have adequate home security. If you prioritize the safety mentioned above gadgets, chances of enhanced protection become evident. Everything else that follows ensures greater assurance of security and protection for your home.


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