You may know Montenegro as the country that was briefly mentioned in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic American novel of 1925, The Great Gatsby. When the mysterious main character is talking about his time in the army, he says, “‘I was promoted to be a major, and every Allied government gave me a decoration—even Montenegro, little Montenegro down on the Adriatic Sea!'”

Montenegro may be small, but it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With so many pristine beaches, awesome hiking trails, and quaint villages, there’s simply no vacation like a Montenegro vacation. Once you set foot there, you’ll never want to leave.

Keep reading to learn about 7 key reasons to visit Montenegro.

1. Stunning Mountains

Montenegro’s native name is Crna Gora and translates to ‘Black Mountain,’ but you’ll definitely see more than one mountain. The landscape of the country is not only lush but it’s peppered with many rustic mountains that are jawdropping to look at.

They may appear daunting at first but the mountains feature some of the most amazing hiking trails in all of Europe. Therefore, when you travel to Montenegro, you won’t want to forget your boots, backpack, water bottle, and anything else you’ll need to immerse yourself in the purest nature imaginable.

You might even see some wolves or bears, but don’t worry, due to regular human traffic, these animals usually stay away from the trails. With a proper camera, though, you might be able to spot away from afar and take some truly phenomenal photos.

2. Mouthwatering Cuisine

If you’re a fan of seafood, then you’ll be in heaven during your trip to Montenegro because all the fish is freshly caught in the nearby Adriatic Sea. They serve octopus salad, fish soup, and other to-die-for dishes. Of course, there’s more than just seafood.

At the fancy Montenegro resorts and elsewhere, you can also find a variety of meats that are grilled, sautéed, or prepared in a number of other ways. The country’s inspiration from Italian cuisine can definitely be tasted.

You’ll never be happy with breakfast at home again after you’ve gone to the local bakeries in Montenegro to try a delicious burek. It’s a filo pastry filled with potato, cheese, spinach, or meat and is unbelievably scrumptious. Pair it with yogurt in order to experience a true breakfast experience the local way.

3. Clean Beaches and Crystal-Clear Waters

It’s true that Croatia takes up most of the Adriatic coast, but Montenegro is actually cheaper to visit than Croatia. So you can still visit the mesmerizing beaches but for less of a hit to your wallet. After all, 70 kilometers of its over 350-kilometer coastline consists of Montenegro beach bliss.

Some of the beaches are barely ever visited so you can make one of them your private getaway for complete solace. It’s the perfect place to take a dip or a long swim, to stretch out on the sand with a good book, and to take a nap in the refreshing sun.

If you’re an outgoing person, you can visit some of the more lively beaches and hang out with other tourists and locals. Perhaps you’ll find true love if you haven’t already.

4. Unique Ways to Party

There are many festivals and carnivals taking place in Montenegro throughout the year. Budva hosts the Sea Dance Festival which is right on Buljarica Beach. It has multiple stages featuring a range of energetic music and attracts well over 80,000 people a year.

Another major event is the Southern Soul Festival which takes place in Ulcinj and has artists that play jazz, soul, disco, funk, and more.

If that’s not crazy enough for you, then you can dress up in a colorful costume and join the zaniness of the annual carnivals. The major ones are held in Budva and Kotor. You can expect to see intricate parades, fun getups, and great music.

5. A Rich History

Montenegro is known for giving the invading Turks of the Ottoman Empire a real run for their money. They put up more of a fight than even their large neighbors, which is why the locals are quite proud of their history.

The country’s history stretches all the way back to the 6th century. You can explore that history in depth by visiting the many museums that are scattered across the country as well as by taking a look at the interesting archeological sites.

You’ll also find many churches and mausoleums that are extremely old yet still stand proudly and majestically where they were first built.

6. A Yachting Paradise

There are many ports where you can set sail from and enjoy the crystal clear waters up close and personal. Unlike the French Riviera, which can get crowded, the coastline and waters can be yours for the taking.

The yacht marina of Porto Montenegro is the perfect place to find a yacht that speaks to you and then you can spend the rest of the day on the peaceful waters.

Why even fish when you can simply enjoy the sun and the waves?

7. The Bay of Kotor

When you plan your visit to Montenegro, you will not want to miss an opportunity to visit the breathtaking Bay of Kotor. A fisherman boat ride around the bay will allow you to see much of the surrounding beauty, including sapphire waters and purple-hued mountains.

You’ll also want to walk around the marvelous towns that are near the Bay of Kotor. The beautiful architecture will remind you of the exquisite buildings in Venice. This is where you’ll discover some of the best food you’ve ever tasted in your life.

You might even find a nice little medal in one of the local trinket shops.

Ready to Start Planning What You’ll Do When You Visit Montenegro?

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