Nowadays, young people start their businesses while fresh out of college or at school. In fact, Gen Zs are the most likely to become entrepreneurs early. Blame it on technology or the 2008 crisis, but the younger generation are surprisingly self-reliant.

How to sell products or services if the muse is mute? Well, one can train their imagination or check the articles on this theme. Our experts have already made a list of the quirkiest businesses any student can start.

#1: Book Doctor

If a scene of torn-off pages and ripped covers outrages you, consider becoming a book doctor. Remember Joe Goldberg from the ‘You’ series? When he wasn’t killing people, he was bringing books from the dead.

Sometimes, repairing your favorite book requires more than a bottle of glue. Just like writing a college essay requires the best paper writing services online along with clear instructions and time. This is where specialists like ‘bookbinders’ or ‘book doctors’ come in handy. Their main task is repairing a book by using special equipment and tools in a ‘book laboratory.’ The latter is commonly a library, bookshop, or a cozy office downtown.

How to become a book doctor?

  • It is highly advisable to get knowledge in typesetting and layout settings. In other words, publishing and design;
  • Buy the right equipment. You’ll need a bookpress, bookbinding tapes, bookbinder’s shears, and other (looking strange at the first sight) tools;
  • If you know how to decorate the book or refresh the colors on the cover – great. Because some books will arrive with the covers torn off or lost.

#2: Chicken Rental

Always dreamed of an unusual but easy-to-maintain pet? Rent a chicken. Unlike Salvador Dali’s crocodile, a chicken won’t bite you and is pleasant to pet.

Today’s chicken rental companies will provide you with a chicken coop, green and dry feed, and 24-hour support. To top it all off, you’ll get a free fresh egg for your omelet.

There’s nothing to be afraid of, you just have to pick it up and start doing it. The article “What is Your Fear? 4 Best Techniques Used in Horror Literature.

How to start a chicken rental business?

  • Obviously, you need chickens;
  • You must rent a roomy shed with enough light and air;
  • You should learn everything about chickens. For instance, how to feed and raise them along with the vaccines they need. Don’t want to learn all these things? Then cut off your responsibility and find specialists interested in caring about birds;
  • Having a chicken rental business requires a license. Get it.

#3: Second-Hand Fashion Specialist

What is so special about dealing with second-hand apparel? With the world getting green, slow fashion is now more popular than ever. What do second-hand fashion specialists do? The profession sounds fancy, but in reality, these specialists buy pre-loved clothes and resell them. Sounds weird, right?

Second-hand specialists buy the most fashionable items and create Millenial-appealing looks. They later post them on Instagram and sell the clothes in second-hand boutiques.

‘Second-fashion’ businesses are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder – one can save the planet and express their creativity most cheaply and funnily.

How to start a second-hand boutique?

  • Be prepared that you’ll spend half of your human existence in rooms with mothballs;
  • Find second-hand stores and explore them. Some will have shoes of higher quality, while others will have items from the recent catwalk collections;
  • Grow a target audience in Instagram;
  • Organize photosessions;
  • Rent a room for your second-hand clothes or sell them online.

#4: Professional Cuddler

You had a hard day, but in the end, someone hugs you, and all your troubles jump out of your body. But did you know that not everyone is that privileged? Many people live alone and have no time for relationships. Especially in big cities when capitalist values demand one to sacrifice their time and dreams.

A professional cuddler is a person who knows how to ‘squeeze’ those endorphins out of one’s body. If you’re comfortable with touching people, consider this occupation.

How does one become a professional cuddler?

  • Engage in psychology courses;
  • Improve your communication;
  • Create a site for your business;
  • Cuddle!

#5: Doll Doctor

If your heart stayed in childhood with your dolls and teddy bears – leave it there. If you loved playing with dolls and never asked your mom or dad to fix them, become a doll healer.

A doll doctor is a specialist who repairs dolls. These specialists even have a Doll Doctor’s Association with events and masterclasses.

How to become a doll doctor?

  • Learn everything about dolls (the DDA members will help);
  • Learn how to repair toys. For instance, to perform a restringing service, you’ll need all your knowledge about tools and materials;
  • Refine your communication skills to attract professional doll collectors – they are the top customers;
  • Go online and advertise your services on social media.

#6: Rage Room Owner

With unpromising world economics and politics, it is easy to lose one’s nerve. Can’t yell at your boss or hit annoying people in the shop queue? Go to a rage room! Or build one yourself. Considering the world politicians going crazy, your business will be lucrative. Because everyone would love to throw a bottle at some unreasonable leaders.

How to start a rage room business?

  • Rent a place with sound-proof walls;
  • Bring items that are easy to break (glass is a perfect material);
  • Learn how to clean the space without hurting yourself with shatters and splinters.

#7: Bonsai Tree Gardener

A perfect business for the fans of peace and meditation. To grow a bonsai tree, one will need to invest around 4 years of constant care. The good news is bonsai art is getting more popular nowadays due to the ‘green’ tendencies. Expect city dwellers to be your main clients, since they lack nature in steel-and-concrete surroundings.

How to become a bonsai tree gardener?

  • Engage in floristry courses;
  • Buy seeds, pots, and tools;
  • Create a site;
  • Be patient.

Final Thoughts

You can start a business at any age. Why start it as a student? Because you have more time, patience, and creativity to deal with failure and celebrate success. Regardless of the niche you choose, be authentic. Because the strangest ideas become a reality and bring profit with time.

We hope the article was helpful to you! Stay creative!


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